Interview by Yash Panchal

Mr. Arka Banerjee, Dean, IAS Academy

Mr. Arka Banerjee is currently working as the Dean of IAS Academy, Kolkata. His educational qualifications include BCA (Hons), CFA, PGDM, M.Phil., MJMC, and MBA (IT). He possesses experience of more than 7 years. He has been a Guest Faculty in Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Banerjee’s experience in the education industry

Working in the education sector is not just about standing chalk in hand in front of the kids and bestowing your knowledge. The best part of being in the education sector is teaching students from all age groups and backgrounds. Education is not only huge but it’s undergoing lots of challenges and preparing oneself for the new challenges.

Difference between the quality of education in India with other countries

Our Indian education system needs to be reformed as there is less practical knowledge and we focus more on theoretical aspects whereas the education system overseas is more into industrial training and skilled education.

Significant challenges faced by Mr. Banerjee as the Director of IAS Academy

The challenges are part of life and we always overcome them with a positive attitude towards it. Nowadays, students are looking for five-star hospitality for fun and show off, rather than proper Education, Placements & Faculties. That is why they suffer after completion of their degree because they are unable to gather knowledge during their college days. Due to lack of professors, they waste their time in fun and enjoyment. That is why now Corporate sectors are more indulged in this industry. Being the Principal & Director of the institute, I keep patience and understand my students’ problems but the changes in the moral values in society is the main challenge I think.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at IAS Academy

From the students’ perspective, high-quality placement can bring a range of benefits and positive impact. IAS Academy has always been very thoughtful about the students’ benefits and makes sure that these placements may also have a significant economic impact throughout the careers and also gives them social mobility in their later life.

We always try to make the placement opportunities fruitful for the students in such a way that placement gives the opportunity to gain skill specific to their subject or their employability skills. 

We have 100% placement records. Our students are that much capable, that’s why they get a job before completion of their degree. We have a tie-up with 125+ MNC & Schools. We also help our students to run business, so they become successful Entrepreneurs.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at IAS Academy

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Mr. Banerjee on how to build a positive culture among the students as they come from different backgrounds

As we have a number of good teachers who build a bridge between what students know and what they need to learn. We always try to teach our students that our cultural differences are to be cherished and appreciated rather than judged and the foremost thing we give emphasis on is teamwork, group discussions. These kinds of activities help to unite students, despite the fact that they are different in culture and background.  

Curriculum of IAS Academy

We not only give emphasis on theoretical knowledge but always try to give industrial training to ensure that the students are skilled enough to get a job for themselves as well they can be entrepreneurs.

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Mr. Banerjee on his relation with the students being the Director of the College and his availability for them

A positive relationship with the head of the institution helps a student feel more comfortable and safe. It also plays a large role in the student’s academic success and social development. I am always in the office and very approachable whether in person or on the telephone. They can contact me whenever there is a requirement as well as I am well-connected with all students through Social Media also on our FB page.

Mr. Banerjee on his relation with the students being the Director of the College and his availability for them

Goals in mind for IAS Academy for the next few years

I want my college to be very successful and that my students are always benefitted from our teachings where money does not matter. In my college, education is everything. Our motto is “Education for All“. Every year, we sponsor 5 students to complete their degree and get a good job. Now 30 students run their education in our sponsorship, I want to increase that number to 50+ within this year.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Education is an ongoing process and always be ready to learn something new at every step of your life with a positive approach and make sure that you make your time fruitful. Be comfortless and think about career only.