Mr. Vishwas Puttaswamy is currently serving as the Principal at Universal Group of Institutions, Bengaluru. With a post-graduation in Public Policy from Queen Mary University, London, UK and Ph.D. in Outer Space Law from University of Mysore, he strongly believes in knowledge creation and dissemination. His areas of specialization include International Law, Air and Space Law, Public Policy, Entrepreneurship Law and Public Administration. Moreover, he has also worked as a Research Assistant under four High Court Judges, High Court of Karnataka with a brief practice in High Court of Karnataka.

Universal Group of Institutions

How does the curriculum of your Institution ensure the best practice of industry?

“Balancing education and training students with experts from industry”

UGI offers students a stimulating, supportive and high-quality “integrated” learning experience. At UGI, our goal is very straight forward; to prepare and train our students extensively in a steady manner towards civil services examinations parallelly along with their undergraduate academic programme. Towards that goal, our subject experts from Delhi, Hyderabad and our curriculum too are weaved to balance on education and training to ensure overall and holistic development of a student not only to face competitive examinations with resoluteness and also the competitive world.

How is your Institution more welcoming to diverse backgrounds of people?

“Accepting and welcoming thoughts of each and every group”

UGI values diversity and is committed to the provision of opportunity for those with the capacity to benefit both as individuals and as members of a wider community dedicated to a sustainable and just society. We’ve fostered social justice and improved lives through academic excellence for talented students from all walks of life by assisting them with government sponsorships to pursue their goals. We continue to embrace innovative and diversity of thought and opinion in everything we do, in the belief that when views collide, disciplines interact, and perspectives intersect, truly original thought takes form for the intended purpose. 

What do you think should be the Institute’s top priority over the next 10 years?

“Building strengths in education and global standards”

Ten years down the line, we aspire to be truly ecumenical in our outlook. Influence, impact, student body, networks and activity towards integrated approach to education are our prime concerns. Amongst our top priorities, we are working to mold mould our students who come from diverse backgrounds to be highly employable global citizens. We are ambitious and confident as we face future challenges, nurturing all our staff and supporting their personal and professional development in an environment of constant change. We will acknowledge and reward contributions to the achievement of the highest possible standards in every aspect of our work and the education sector. With a constantly shifting external environment and finite resources, we will need to make wise investment choices as well. 

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What are some plans that you’re designing for Institutions’ international affairs?

“Developing innovative and strategic approaches for global attraction”

Supporting new programme development, teaching, learning, innovation and infrastructure that will stimulate curriculum design, teaching and exploiting the use of technology is what we are looking at right now. Also, we are working to increase the proportion of the students taught in undergraduate programmes by various innovative strategies. Our Marketing, Communications and External Engagement Strategy will enrich and promote the institute’s reputation, and facilitate partnerships that contribute to the enhancement of our global reach and influence.

What would you like people to know about your Institute they may not know?

‘A unique blend of graduate programme and civil service mentorship”

UGI with its integrated undergraduate programme in Bangalore, Karnataka campus is recognised as an exceptionally well-run Institution for what it helps achieve and the intellectual brilliance it delivers. We for over two decades have sat within the upper quartile overall in India, in terms of best platform for civil services training in Southern India. Also, with over 7,500 selections in the past 21 years to various government jobs by our students is a testament as a market leader in the country, a distinctive track record of the organisation. 

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How do you tend to establish healthy relations with students?

“A student-oriented environment with dynamic strategies”

We work in partnership with our students to ensure their interests and aspirations inform our activities and make sure to implement best possible solutions. We work to achieve continuous improvement in operations through communication and feedback that leads to a healthy atmosphere for teaching and learning. We promote a transformative learning and teaching agenda and provide the opportunity for all our students to become active and confident global citizens, benefiting from innovative ‘integrated’ curricula and approaches to the student experience.