Interview by Yash Panchal


Mr. Darshan Kankaria is currently working as the Director of Rachnoutsav Academy. He is an enthusiastic and energetic professional with 3 years of managerial experience in the area of Event Management and Business Development. He has participated and implemented many events in a professional way, which has created integrity and recognition of the Rachnoutsav organization since 2015.

Mr. Kankaria on how education industry is the best to work in

Education industry is directly influencing the entire life of a person and imparting education correctly is very crucial. Shaping young minds to achieve their potential is the main aim of our organization. Looking at the education sector, there has been a huge gap in the education and employability, to bridge the gap and to bring an industry connect also to empower through education is what makes this industry best to work in.

Challenges to overcome for the Director of Rachnoutsav Academy

System of education has become out dated. The biggest challenge is to change the perception of how education can be delivered and how it can empower an individual to plan his entire life in the mind of a common man. Investing in the education of a child is another stumbling - block in this industry.

Unique curriculum of Rachnoutsav Academy

Rachnoutsav Academy has a very unique curriculum where all of our courses have dual certification, are industry oriented, focus on enhancing the skills of a students, its core is based upon employability and entrepreneurship.

Our courses are an investment whose benefits a student reaps throughout his lifetime.

Goals to achieve for Rachnoutsav Academy

We see Rachnoutsav Academy becoming a name synonymous with educational excellence. We see it having a PAN India presence delivering quality professional courses across various sectors.

Top quality education provided to students

We believe in employing the best from industry in terms of faculty, we conduct regular faculty development programs on our campus and also in collaboration with other institutions. Our faculty conducts regular research in their field of choice under the guidance from the senior most faculty. We also focus on case scenario based learning, these case scenarios that we teach to the students are not more than a week old.

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Maintaining a positive school culture in the institute

The school culture totally depends upon the values imparted by the organization

Rachnoutsav Academy is a prime institution for imparting professional education and certifications, our approach to each and every student is not about his education alone, but about what he does for next 15 years of his life after his education. At the start of the course, we provide a road map and ensure that the student follows the road map for entire duration. This helps in establishing a positive school culture and a long term relationship between the student and the institution.

Counselling team available for the students

We have a round the clock mentoring & counseling team available to all the students, they are free to discuss academic to personal related issues with them, they are also more than welcome to come and directly speak to me. I have personally designed a system where in we work on career mapping and give them the exact pathway to achieve the same.

Students’ growth through placement opportunities

Our courses focus on the overall development of the student with an actively involved soft skills team. Rachnoutsav Academy has cultivated relations with various startups in the city, with best event management companies across India & has also started to develop relations with corporate sector as well for the benefit of students. We invite them for guest lectures and workshops to make the students industry ready. We have partnered with various institutions to help students with their further education as well.

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Leadership style

I believe that a leader must try for a win – win situation where employee and organization growth goes hand in hand. A clear vision with an empowered task force with appropriate delegation is what gives you the best results.

Tips for the current youth

Education is empowerment, students must realize that education is the starting point of their career and with right kind of focus & drive, these years can help them as stepping stones in achieving their career goals.