Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Aditi, Rachnoutsav Academy

Dr. Aditi Banerjee is currently working as the Head of Examination Committee & Professor at Rachnoutsav Academy. She holds an MBA degree in Marketing from Pondicherry University, an MBA degree in Human Resource Management from Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and a Ph. D. degree in the area of HR and Organizational Behavior from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, 2015. Since Feb 2006 to Sept 2009, she has worked with Assam Carbon Products Ltd (ACPL), Kolkata as HR Executive. She has worked as a Faculty, HR and Organizational Behavior for BBA program, at KIIT Law School (KIIT University). She has worked as a Professor, in the area of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior and Marketing with Hyderabad School of Business, Hyderabad. Many of his papers have been published in various journals.

Dr. Banerjee’s experience in the education industry

My experience in the Technical Educational Industry (Business Management Education) has been quite exciting, as I can learn new things every day. In this Industry, it is all about knowledge and education. Self- Learning is completely different from sharing knowledge to students. It has become a challenge nowadays to find students who know the subject. My agenda is to make sure that my students understand the topic and solve problems related to Business Industry using theoretical knowledge.

Significant challenges faced so far in career

The major challenge is to make the students understand the topic I teach and relate the topic to practical problems.

Dr. Banerjee on what drove her towards research

I look forward to learning & working on different topics related to practical problems in the organization. This interest drives me towards research, i.e. understanding the problem and arriving at solutions.

Goals in mind for the coming years

I would like to continue my work in this industry, would like to publish more research articles & continue my research work in this area for the benefit of society.

Insight of Dr. Aditi Banerjee’s way of teaching

I discuss the topic in the first half an hour of my class and in the next ten to fifteen minutes, I try to interact with the students related to the topic using case study methodology or conduct activities like question answer session so that they can relate the topic with practical problems.

Views on building a positive school culture

I follow the rules and regulations of the institution and give inspiration to my students to obey the same and to be disciplined. I also motivate/support them to undertake new challenges so that they can learn practically.

Dr. Banerjee on establishing a relation with the students

I not only teach them the subject but also try to show them the right path to their dreams by discussing their future plans. I engage students in different activities so that we can share ideas and develop a good bond.

Views on growth of students through different opportunities available at Rachnoutsav Academy

At Rachnoutsav, students not only learn theoretically but also practically. This initiative of Rachnoutsav will really help students to understand or relate the theoretical problem with real-life problems in the organization. 

Dr. Banerjee’s philosophy of leadership

In my view, leadership is a skill that helps to handle any given situation in the best possible way. As a leader, one has to be patient. Personally, I act as a guide, a caring guardian and as a good friend as well when required.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Firstly, be a good human. Don’t just focus on scoring grades, relate practical problems with theory and arrive at a solution with your knowledge.