London School of Trends

4th July 2018, New Delhi: Well-known designer Manish Malhotra, who is one of the chief mentors at the London School of Trends, said that global education is making a huge difference to all the design schools of India. "It is making a difference overall not just to the design schools. Thanks to global education, global awareness the world is getting far closer. Social media, travel, and interactions with one another are playing a key role to make this happen," he told IANS in a statement.

The diversity and the demographics of everything are making the world come closer," added Malhotra who has over 25 years of experience in styling up for Bollywood movies and has dressed the best in the glamour business.

London School of Trends offers an international Fashion and Interior Design curriculum curated and taught by globally renowned academics and industry leaders. They have a global presence with campuses in New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi and Mumbai. In India, they have Manish Malhotra along with Producer-author Twinkle Khanna as their chief mentors for fashion and interior design, respectively.



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