Capital Market is a vital barometer of the health of the economy and an important component of the financial sector. It is a vehicle through which the capital is deployed to various sources where it in short supply.  It plays a crucial role in mobilizing domestic resources and in channelizing them efficiently to the most productive investments. Currently, the capital market in India is growing at a very rapid phase than other sectors. At present, India has 23 regional securities exchanges. The Capital markets division originates, structures and executes new issues of capital, provides clients with a range of related services and manages their existing liabilities. The services include secondary trading assistance, real-time market, hedging strategies, investor relations advice and regulatory assistance. The capital markets include Equity markets, Debt markets, Commodity, and Currency markets. The equity market has key constituents like retail and domestic investors and mutual funds. This field gives a vast scope for study and research.

The capital markets demand a specific set of knowledge and skills from an amalgam of economics, finance, quantitative methods which give this domain a dynamic face. This gives rise to a lot of professions like Analysts, Finance Managers, Treasury managers, Compliance officers, Merchant Bankers and stock brokers.

While the careers open up in various organizations like Credit rating agencies, Analytic Research firms, Stock Brokers and Non-banking financial companies.