India is a country of people who have many religions and languages who together create a nation - such as diversity of religion, culture and living conditions which are not found in any part of the world. Jan Stuart Mill has described India as a world in a limited area. In other words, India can be considered as a small world. In Article 25 to 30 of the Constitution, as the historical background of India's partition reveals, it has been said to guarantee the security of identified minorities to maintain the integrity of the country. Constitutionalists have called for religious minorities but do not think of adding classes to the list.

Commitment to the religious, cultural and educational rights of all of the Constitution and all its parts is displayed. In all the Articles, both the major and minor sections of cultural and religious freedom have been guaranteed. The democratic society, which has adopted the right to equality in the form of its fundamental principle, should aim at eliminating majority and minority and so-called aged and backward classes. In the Constitution, every citizen has accepted common citizenship without considering his religion, language, culture or belief. There is only one condition for a person's citizenship that he was born in India.

We have to develop such enlightened citizenship where every citizen whether it is of any religion or any of its language, urging for their own rights, the greater importance of their duties and responsibilities to protect the rights of the other group. The constitutional goal is to develop such citizenship so that each person gets absolute freedom to worship religion, faith, and worship, and no person is apprehensive of being encroached by any other person, whether it be a minority or a majority, its rights.

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