Interview by Kritika Gupta

Dr. Arun Kumar Dubey, Mansarovar Global University

Dr. Arun Kumar Pandey is designated as the Vice-Chancellor at Mansarovar Global University, Sehore. He has over 44 years of experience in research including 38 years of teaching experience. He has received more than 10 awards and has participated in various conferences and workshops.

His qualification includes M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Lucknow University and NBRI, Lucknow. He has guided 32 students for Ph.D. and 5 for M.Phil. He has published over 150 research papers, authored 12 books and completed 21 research projects.

Dr. Arun’s views on the education industry

Well, to start with I hardly associate education with industry. For a country such as ours which had renowned institutions of Nalanda & Takshshila, it is a matter of heritage for us. For our institution, education is the synergy of customs, science, soft skills, methodology, and innovative thinking. I have spent a considerable amount of time in this field and have found that it is a great field to work in as it gives a lot of autonomy and freedom to inculcate and execute ideas. In my four decades of experience, I had the pleasure to watch the students and teachers nurture each other’s skills while contributing to society.

Philosophy of Leadership and Style

Mansarovar Global University has a prime focus on the development of the overall character of the students. It is evident that every educational institution provides you education. However, at Mansarovar, we endeavor to go for the transition from “simple education” to “knowledge building”.

Sustainability of knowledge in the mind of an individual is the end objective. Our efforts focus on helping the students to practically use what they are taught. Our institution is committed to its vision of becoming a vibrant epicenter of excellence in the field of higher education.

Our philosophy is to develop confident professional leaders, independent thinkers and creative entrepreneurs.

Challenges faced as the Vice Chancellor of Mansarovar Global University

Undeniably our existing campus is located in a rural area and as such a large portion of students hail from the rural background. Students dwell on financial support to continue their studies. At our university, we respect the drive of students to learn, and we have equally taken financial problems as our challenge.

We provide overwhelming fee concessions so that no prospective student is unable to access quality education for want of money. Going one step further in our efforts, we have also made adequate arrangements for books and learning material for them so that they do not have to feel the burden of buying books and articles.

Another aspect on which we are working is personality development. Students of rural background sometimes find themselves deficit of confidence and soft skills. Our trained faculty has undertaken the task of polishing their personality so that they can pitch themselves better for recruiters and companies in the future.

How compatible is the curriculum of Mansarovar Global University?

Our curriculum is far from any routine curriculum. We accommodate recent trends in our syllabus periodically. Learning is enhanced with subtle advancements. Needless to mention that the basic standards of University Grants Commission and Indian Council for Agricultural Research and other relevant Statutory Bodies have adhered as a matter of practice.

Dr. Arun’s views on the dynamics of education industry

Education is a very evolving and outgrowing field. Traditional teachings have to be regularly synchronized with emerging technology and incorporated into the curriculum. We have also implemented this as our policy.

The annual pattern of examination has been changed to semester mode and now Choice based credit system (CBCS) has also been introduced. The methodology of teaching has seen a positive transition and evolution. From chalk and talk method of teaching, ICT is being used and smart classrooms have been made available for students.

Methods opted to build healthy relations with the students

I find no doubts in saying that students are the backbone of any educational institution. My effort is to have continuous interaction with the students. Boosting the morale and confidence of students periodically helps them in improving their performance.

As Vice-Chancellor, I engage classes with students, and I can safely assert that even I have grown with my students as it provides me with the opportunity for improvement in teaching and research. In the coming months, we have resolved to organize lectures and workshops for students on topics of contemporary issues.

Goals for MGU for the coming years

Our goal is to make Mansarovar a shining name in the field of education. We are committed to value-based education, research, innovation, knowledge sharing openness, and entrepreneurial skills.

We want our students to reach great heights and become global leaders while developing capabilities to accept new challenges. We seek to nurture the skills of students for all sorts of industries. Next few years we shall be focusing on the mutual growth of institution and students.

Suggestions to the aspiring students

I would advise my students to maintain focus on their studies and always be on the lookout for what field they find most suitable for themselves. It is okay to have targets which exceed your grasp as long as you are dedicated to achieving them by the amalgamation of handwork, innovative ideas, and good character.