Interview by Kritika Gupta

DSIFD Indore

Ashish Gautam is currently the Director at DSIFD, Indore. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from RGPV Bhopal. For his passion for Design, he has covered various research projects based on Design from IIT and NIT Institutes.

The young entrepreneur successfully runs 3 centers of Design Solution in the city of Indore. He aims to open up more than 100 branches of Design Solutions across India.

Experience in the education industry and what makes it the best out of all!

Working in the education sector is often challenging as well as satisfying. As the industry is continuously evolving, all the schools/ colleges/ institutes and universities work on the standard and quality of their education system.

As per Ashish, the education system that consists of practical knowledge and skills that stimulates and excites the students are needed. This not only makes them a better and aware person but also help them to have the qualities that will make them employable.

In DSIFD, our prior consideration is to deliver the skill, not only teach to the students but motivate to become expert from a learner. Being a teacher, I motivate all the students to do something new and learn every day. Ultimately, today's educated youth is our future!

Ashish’s Leadership Philosophy and Style!

POSITIVITY! A positive attitude can take you a long way at work. Having this attitude helps in creating a happy and healthy environment, especially in the institution, even during busy, stressful periods. Apart from this, simple acts like communicating with the students about their career plans, suggestions, and ideas also help in changing the entire attitude within the institute.

Challenges faced as the Director of DSIFD

As a Director, I feel that trying to identify the skill that we need to induce in a student is challenging. However, then, this is what we are trained for, and we think that each student is different and blessed with different talent. Other than this, I believe that to become influential or ideal for everyone is another challenging task as a director of DSIFD.

Experience as a motivational speaker

This experience helps a lot, and always bring in a different perspective about things. With this, it also helps in creating different ideas and presenting the same differently, assisting the people to understand things and to overcome challenges.

What is different about DSIFD curriculum?

Our syllabus/ curriculum for each program is well structured and as per the ongoing standards. We make sure to cover every gap in terms of course material and also invite experts to help us in covering other topics. At DSIFD, our faculty trains each student so that they are ready to face the world.

Changes in the education industry over the years

As we all know, education has the power to change lives and societies. However, it also means to find out the reason behind everything and using the reading-writing skills to improve the world. It is the basic foundation nowadays perceived not only as a right but also as a duty.

In India, the education system has undergone many changes. Earlier, education was limited to bookish knowledge, i.e. it was only based on theory. However, now, education has widened its horizons. Now, all the institutes want their students to have practical knowledge. They go out of their ways to have that exposure to make them a responsible and an employable person.

Methods opted to establish a healthy relation with the students

My ways to develop a friendly and healthy relationship is to visit each classroom from time to time and ask if they are facing any issues in their studies or otherwise. Our faculty and I organise various workshops, moral classes, and events that consists of group sessions, delivering new energy and positivity.

Goals for DSIFD in the coming years

My goal for the upcoming years is to build the institute’s name all over India. My target is to open up more than 100 Design Solutions branches to impart the required education about this field.

Suggestions to the youth and aspiring students

My advice to the youth and the students is to stay motivated and never lose their focus. Dedicate your time to think and set your goals accordingly. Be focused and keep working on it. Never give up, you can achieve anything and everything for sure.