Interview by Kritika Gupta


Vijay Yadav is currently designated as the Principal of Malwa Institute of Management (MIM), Gwalior. He has delivered his learnings for more than 15 years in the education industry. His qualification includes BA, MA, PG Diploma in HR & Management and MBA in HR to name a few.

Experience in the education industry

My experience in the education industry till date has been great. I entered this field in 2004 and have played various roles. As an educator, I want to share and distribute all my hard work and learnings to the students in order to serve the society and make it better.

Expectations from MIM’s Faculty and students

As a Principal, I expect that the entire faculty and the students should have a proper and defined method of working. The teachers should keep on updating their teaching methods, and the students should be actively participative.

We try our best that our institute’s environment stays healthy and positive. With this, we are continually planning to upgrade our infrastructure in terms of libraries, classrooms etc.

Uniqueness of MIM’s curriculum

At MIM, PGDM (in HR and Marketing) are our flagship courses. As the corporate culture, as well as encouragement to entrepreneurship, is growing fastly, more and more students are opting for management studies. Unlike MBA, the syllabus of PGDM offered at our institute is closely related to industry practices and trends.

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The syllabus is offered by autonomous institutes, which are not affiliated with any university. Hence, the curriculum is updated frequently as per the changing business trends. We assure that the students:

  • Learn the new and ongoing concepts of entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance their communication and interpersonal skills
  • Prepares the students for the forthcoming challenges
  • Ensure that the student is industry ready

Changes introduced in the education industry from past years

As per my experience of last the 18 years, I feel that earlier students used to show interest in what they are taught and learning. They used to be serious about their education and career as well.

However, in the current scenario, students have become casual about their education. It comes as a shock to me because with the competition arising at an alarming rate; this should not be the attitude of an aspirant. They must be focused and disciplined about their education.

We as an institute try out best to induce that disciple in our students. On a regular basis, we try to invent and introduce programs that would interest our students.

Goals and aim for MIM Gwalior in the coming years

In the next 5 to 10 years, we wish to see our college converted into a university. It is going to be a long journey, but it will be worth the wait. Apart from that, we are constantly working on our infrastructure in order to meet the proper standards.

MIM Gwalior aim:

  • The concept of teaching “beyond the syllabus” which include the need of industry.
  • This system enhances knowledge & teachers “in furtherance of the curriculum”.
  • The aim is a decent placement of the candidates.

Suggestion to the current youth and the aspirants

The only suggestion I have for the youth and aspirants is to stay FOCUSED towards their studies. The reason behind this is that education is something that will benefit you in the coming future!