The decision of choosing the course and college right after school is a difficult task. For many, it is constrained by societal pressures, a paucity of time, academic performance, limited exposure and restricted awareness for the self. The conventional system expects and guides the students to enter college right after school, irrespective of a student's individual needs or aptitude or interest area.

Interestingly, "Gap Year" a concept, which is already very popular abroad, allows a student to explore the real world and the internal self by taking some time off after completing the school and before entering college. One invests time in experimenting with diversified fields and subjects, honing their existing skills, taking up new activities, travelling extensively and working in the real world.

Rishihood University - Gap year Program

Rishihood University has taken the lead in introducing this in India as a 9-months journey of extensive exploration and discovery of interests, career options, and the inner self. The program is based on experiential, immersive and multi-modal learning.

For the first six months, different modules include Mindfulness, Society, Polity & Culture, Travel, Money, Industry & Management, Skillify, Education, Healthcare & Sciences, Define and Design, and Career Mentoring. The emphasis is on exploring the different options across the fields by participating in hands-on workshops, meeting professionals, visiting the on field sites and interactive academic sessions.

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There is one month of extensive travelling to absorb themselves in cultures, participate in the field work and broaden their horizons by experiencing diversity. Throughout the program, students are guided by career mentors and experts. The last 3 months is the phase for students to launch themselves into the real world by taking up internships and volunteering opportunities.

Rishihood University: Upcoming session

The program is scheduled to begin from July 15, 2019. The admission procedure includes only two simple steps viz.

Step 1: Online application form or Registration

Step 2: Personal interview.

Note: The application form filling procedure will open on April 10, 2019. Further details are available on the website

Rishihood University: Aim of Gap Program

The program is aimed at nurturing to nurture dynamism, credence, and grit in young curious minds as they get ready to face the wider world of opportunities. The team is enthusiastic and optimistic about this novel experience they are bringing for the students. Mr Sahil Aggarwal, the co-founder of the university believes, that this specifically handcrafted journey focused on self-discovery, preparation for higher education and giving unique exposure will benefit students for a lifetime.