Interview by Kritika Gupta

Dr. Narayana College of Hotel Management

Dr. S.L. Narayana is designated as the Chairman of Dr. Narayana College of Hotel Management. He is best known as an academician, educationist and the Guru of the Management Education. His qualification includes 2 Doctorates, 10 postgraduate degrees in MBA and 6 graduate degrees in BA, B.Ed, B.Com, BHM, B.Sc (HM) and LLB. He is credited with holding a maximum number of qualifications.

Dr. Narayana is a recipient of various reputed awards - 2 Guinness World Records for conducting the largest Business Lesson, Genius Book of Records for Country’s Legendary Mentor in Telecasting Maximum Number of Episodes, Global Achievers Award – for outstanding Achievements & Distinguished Global Services, Vidya Ratna, Unique World Record for the collection of Business Management Article to name a few.

Contribution of education in the professional industry and economy

Education Industry is directly or indirectly related to the economy of the country. The young generation must be equipped with resources with which they can enhance their skills and contribute to the nation productively. It is imperative for Institutes to hone the skill levels of students and make them industry fit as employees and also to take up the startup businesses. We as educationists are responsible for seeing the potential of the students and developing them as Professionals who can take the nation to the next level. It is a challenging task but very much achievable.

Approach opted to enhance student-industry interaction at NCHM

We at NCHM are committed to training the students as per the industry norms by adding rigorous practical sessions in the curriculum at the college. We have an Industrial Exposure Training of 4 months that gives them an insight into the hospitality industry and also helps them to practice the business standards. Students are also encouraged to take up part-time jobs after the college hours which give them real-time exposure. Apart from this, we make sure to hold guest lectures by the experts from the field and also sending the students for OJT during vacations.

Dr. Narayana’s expert tip on managing time efficiently

As it is known to all, being a Chairman requires meticulous planning and execution in the available time. On a regular basis, I spend more time on various aspects like any other head of the institution. The major concerns and departments I focus on are:

  1. Financial Commitments
  2. Expansion and developmental activities
  3. Public Relations

As far as the academic department is concerned, I have an efficient team that looks into the area and reports back to me for any advice or suggestions:

“Key to Time Management is to prioritize the work”

Difference between the Indian education system and other countries

The education system of India according to me still follows a less innovative pedagogical method in comparison with other countries. We still bank on methods like lectures, discussions and class room teaching. Needless to say, learning and knowledge delivery is all theoretical and confined to classrooms. In the current scenario, each student should be exposed to practical learning. This will help them to be creative, innovative and build up their character. Apart from this, they will also learn on to how to face the real-world challenges in a better way.

Journey of NCHM as a big brand name

The name of our college for much recognition with the help of our programs as well as our students. We make it a point to extensively conduct programs and workshops for students and parents about Hotel Management industry and what all it instore for the aspirants.

With this, we give out digital ads on various channels to spread awareness about our college. This not only helped us to spread awareness about the course but it also created a Strong Brand Image of DR. Narayana College of Hotel Management.

Most of our alumni are also placed at various reputed places and are spreading positive reviews about the college which is a milestone in itself. Our students participate in various contests and win various awards which are commendable and is at par with other few premium colleges in India.

All of these factors have helped us to grow and justifies our brand name!

Leadership philosophy and style

My philosophy of leadership is leading from the front and set achievable goals, measure progress regularly and in case of deviation, take corrective measures. 

My leadership style is Open-mindedness; I take the suggestion from one and all and then discuss it before making a final decision.

Placement opportunities at NCHM

In this Institute, we provide an ample amount of opportunities in various travel and hospitality sectors like Hotels, Airlines, Cruise liners, Retail, MNC, and Tourism & Service Industry. We assure to groom up the students for taking up multiple positions depending on their skills and abilities.

Students are trained in soft skills and are provided with subject-specific knowledge to perform well during interviews. We invite companies to conduct campus drives and pick the best of the best students to work in India. 

We are connected with multiple agencies/consultancies in various countries such as USA, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Germany & Malaysia that recruit our students. Recently, we have placed 11 students under J1 VISA USA and 50 students across India in Premier Hotels.

What makes NCHM stand apart

Dr. Narayana College of Hotel management is spread across 75000sqft with ultra-modern labs such as Bar cum Restaurant, Front Office Lab, Training Kitchens (BTK, QTK, and ATK), remodeled Guest Rooms for Housekeeping Practical, Seminar hall which can accommodate 500 pax and a lavish sports ground.

As per my opinion, the college’s USP is its beautiful Infrastructure, amazing placements and an experienced faculty which is the best in Hyderabad/ Secunderabad.

Upcoming goals for NCHM

For me, in the next year, I want to see that the college is placed at the highest level in terms of quality of education. With this, making it one of the finest Hotel Management College in India. Apart from this, I also want to start new colleges in South India with the same goal. We are also planning to tie-up with national and international bodies for affiliations and introduce more courses that will help the students in the current market and in the future as well.

Message to the aspirants

I just want to say that “Our college is dedicated not only to student’s academics but it also works simultaneously to develop an individual’s skills, talent and overall personality at large”.

We Assure your Bright Future. All the Best.