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Preaching students the pragmatics skills to understand and perceive the world with a better understanding

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Dr. Vijay Mittal received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, and Haryana in May 2008. He has also earned his M.Tech. & B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P. in 2000 and Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, U.P. in 1993 respectively. He has also completed a degree in Master in Social works (MSW) from IGNOU, New Delhi in 2014. He has precisely twenty seven years of industrial, teaching, research and academic administrative experience. He is presently working as Principal & Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Gateway Institute of Engineering & Technology, Haryana. He has also been selected as Visiting Associate for pursuing research in the field of solar energy at Solar Energy centre, Gurgaon by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy, Govt. of India for 2006-07. He has published more than ten books on different topics of mechanical engineering and more than forty research papers in peer reviewed national and international journals and conferences. He is a member of professional societies like Indian Society for Technical Education and Institution of Engineers (India).

Education is the basic human right which cannot be taken away from anyone

I have been in the teaching profession for the last twenty three years and in my opinion, education is the basic human necessity. A person cannot be debarred from education. And, like other human rights, it cannot be taken for granted. There are five key factors which keep me connected with the education sector. Namely they are:

1) Gain knowledge

2) Enhance your soft skills

3) Demonstrate a strong work ethic

4) Boost your confidence for success

5) Grow your social network

Leaders provide leadership opportunities for others to foster growth and share responsibility

There is a difference between manager and leader. A manager only manages the work pending on the table while the leader creates the second line, third line, and fourth line of leader and keeps the legacy move in forward direction. Leaders provide leadership opportunities for others to foster growth and share responsibility for attaining goals.

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There are multiple factors to be considered while finding your niche and forming a brand 

It is pivotal to develop your school’s niche. When you are starting out for marketing, it can be helpful to think of your institute as a business. Imagine the other institutes in your nearby district as your competitors and the local parents as your target audience. Secondly, building your school’s brand is essential. Let’s pretend you’ve chosen your niche: your gifted education program. However, there’s another school in your district with a similar program. Now, you must convince families your school is the best choice. Another important aspect is to communicate through content. If you want to brand your school and its gifted program as supportive and challenging, convey that by sharing student transformation and success stories. Every piece of content you post must be on brand to avoid watered-down messaging. Make logos, fonts, imagery, and slogans consistent across channels. Also, reaching out to community members on social networks is a major part of your marketing. Promote your blog posts and videos on Facebook to extend your reach. To increase your click-through rate, ask a question that relates to the content you’re posting. 

Finally,Market to high-performing students. Marketing to students can feel a bit icky, but the reality is it’s something you’ll likely have to do. Or maybe you’ve already started. In any case, it’s crucial to do it with sensitivity and tact. Remember, you’re not trying to sell anyone a lemon—on the contrary; you’re using your high-quality program to help them hone their strengths.

The education system has evolved, and the world is looking forward to seeking education in India

India has been a major seat of learning for thousands of years. The country was home to both Takshashila - the first university in the world, and to the inventor of the digit 0 - Āryabhaṭa. Albert Einstein once said:, "we owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made". Today, India is known as a communication hub, and has become popular with students studying abroad and students visiting from all over the world. It is highly attractive due to its forward thinking, its popularity with large multinational companies, and also due to English being the common language of communication. According to Peter Drucker, "India is becoming a power house very fast, the medical school in New Delhi is now perhaps the best in the world. The technical graduates of Indian Institute of Technology, Bangalore are as good as any in the world. Also India has 150 million people for whom English is their main language so India is indeed becoming a knowledge center". The private sector within Indian higher education is also strong and steadily growing. These institutes offer education at everything from certificate and diploma level to undergraduate and postgraduate education. These private institutions originally started a trend for distance education, which is now very popular throughout India. Today, many prestigious Indian Universities offer distance programs and some such as Indira Gandhi National Open University offer only distance programs, and is one of the largest in student enrollment.

Education in India has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Low Cost: The cost of education in India is quite low as compared to many other countries of the world.
  • Quality Education: Indian educational institutions such as the IITs, IISc, IIMs, NITs,AIIMS, ISI, BITS and ISB are well known worldwide to provide quality education.
  • Unique Courses: Apart from above mentioned advantages, one can also study some unique courses that were discovered and developed by the traditional knowledge system of India. Ayurveda, Sankrit, Yoga and Hindi are some such courses that enthuse many international students.
  • Financial Assistance: Various scholarships, education loans and other financial aids are available for studying in India today.

We teach our students to learn the skills of perceiving and understanding the world

At Gateway Education, we teach students to learn the skills of perceiving and understanding the world. Learning at Gateway Education involves creating conceptual principles, accepting results, recalling realistic information, acquiring methods and systems, analysis, debating ideas, or mounting behaviour appropriate to specific situations. Educational success for all the Gateway Education students are ensured by providing quality teaching by experienced and knowledgeable teachers who are equipped with an effective, evidence-based teaching approach, that uphold the high teaching standards through strategic professional development at all levels.

We adopt Inclusive learning strategies that include a number of innovative teaching approaches that deal with the needs of students from different diversity, learning styles, and abilities. An inclusive learning environment is provided to Gateway Education students in which they are able to engage themselves actively, feel safe and feel welcome.

Also, students at Gateway Education through experiential learning techniques involving constructivist and perspective learning experience gain the life skills in education and work. Reflection is an important part of experiential learning as it ‘rolls experience into learning’. At Gateway Education, students examine and analyse the real time scenarios through conventional and ICT based teaching methods – it necessitates role models, observation of proficient practitioners, self-practice, mentors.

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Multicultural education is not a task to be done or even an end goal to be accomplished

Multicultural education is not a task to be done or even an end goal to be accomplished. Instead, it is an approach to education that aims to include all students, promote learning of other cultures, and teach healthy social skills in a multicultural setting. “It is the present and future of education,” according to Shilpa Bhouraskar, who runs a business offering online courses to students worldwide. “Multicultural classrooms are a melting pot of learning,” she says. “Rather than a passive, one-way flow of learning from teacher to student, there is a brainstorming of ideas, stories, and experiences that enrich the educational experience in ways that are impossible in monocultures classes.”

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