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Mr. Vijay Kant Verma is currently serving as the Chancellor of Dr. CV Raman University, Bihar. He is a visionary and a leader with administrative and governance experience. Apart from that, he has made humongous contributions to various functions at all levels and has given the exposure to the university.

Education secures economic and social progress and improves income distribution

My experience in the education sector has been very fulfilling. I personally feel that education in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of development. It not only raises productivity and creativity but promotes entrepreneurship and technological advances. It plays a crucial role in securing economic and social progress, and thus improves income distribution. Educational development is a sub-discipline of higher education research, and practice, enhancing teaching and learning practices, including the appropriate use of learning technologies. Employment opportunities in the education sector vary from teaching to finance, human resources, administrators, etc.

Educational leadership creates a vision of academic success for the students

Developing an educational leadership philosophy statement provides an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their own leadership beliefs and activities. Educational leadership creates a vision of academic success for all students. This is important because there has always been a historical gap between students on different socio-economical levels. It consists of our statements of values and beliefs about education and educational leadership.

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Understanding my students and their learning capabilities is a challenge

The biggest challenge is getting to know my students well and understanding the learning ability and capabilities to create a better education system. I believe education is one such tool that can make our country progress. The other challenge was to modernize the education structure and update the faculties with new upcoming technologies and make education accessible in remote areas.

Change in our existing education system is the need of the hour

Dr. C.V. Raman University believes that change in our existing higher education system is the need of the hour. In this regard, we were the first university in the country to mandate skill development training alongside our regular course curriculum. We follow a research-oriented approach to learning, wherein we have established several research labs, research councils and a Core Research Group with adequate funding framework to help aid research at our University.

The university actively develops global & local collaborations with organizations engaged in the field of research, education, employment and skill development, focusing on providing students with optimum exposure, exchange of knowledge, and unifying ideas & innovations towards better results.

We provide world-class education at affordable price

We aim to provide a world-class education at affordable rates to our students. Most of those who would otherwise venture to cities situated far from home, or would enroll themselves in sub-standard institutions due to affordability issues. We will keep on expanding and enhancing ourselves, to ensure that we continue to outpace the change in the country’s higher education scenario, and serve our students to the best of our capabilities.

Academic skills are the pivotal for students. The goal is to equip students with the ability to read, write effectively, and communicate. It forms the foundation for a student to make a good living in the future.

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What does future holds for Dr. CV Raman University

We are committed to value-based research, innovation, knowledge sharing, and entrepreneurial skills. Higher education forms the pillar for the future of a country. It helps to improve the living standards of the skilled youth, and they serve their country well. Intending to expand quality pedagogy to the unserved regions of the country, Dr. C.V. Raman University is continuously establishing and enhancing centers to provide world-class research and holistic development infrastructure to those in desperate need. 

We believe that quality education is a fundamental right of all citizens. In the future, our University will continue to establish more skills-based, research-based quality higher education institutions in areas that are in dire need of it. We will not stop until we cover all the education-deprived areas of the country.

A piece of advice to the aspiring students

My valuable advice to our students and aspiring youth is to always remain passionate about their dream and aspirations. Never be shy to do more than what is expected of them.

We want our students to achieve their dreams and become global leaders while developing capabilities to accept new challenges henceforth, we seek to nurture the skills of students for all sorts of industries.