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Bhartiya Skill Development University - [BSDU], Jaipur

Bhartiya Skill Development University - [BSDU], Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan NCTE, AICTE, UGC Estd 2017 Private University

How essential it is to develop a practical understanding of the subject, explains Prof. S.C Bhaduri

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Prof. Shishr Chandra Bhaduri is the Dean, Faculty of Automotive, Bhartiya Skill Development University. He has made immense contributions towards the development of the education sector and has worked hard to strive for excellence. Having worked in the education sector for a considerable amount of time, he shares his views about the same through his interview. Read here to know about what he has to say: 

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“The transformation in the education has brought transformation in the lives of the individuals”

I have seen education Industry transform from blackboard to digital and adopting a new education policy during my journey of a few decades. The factors, I instead called it as series of event that happened in my journey are my teachers, my professors, my peers. Their abilities to transform the way of learning, training, adopting and mentoring, has created a passion for being a mentor, a teacher. 

These people and the journey pushed me to remain associated with education—the bond of staying connected and creating the dots for the future to be connected. We learn it as the best industry in terms of growth, as individual and well-balanced life, a part of which is vacant to be filled that we pursue our dreams. It shifts us from consumer to creator from learning to adroit person.

“I believe in my team and the potential I carry. I account myself to be responsible if something goes wrong. I create standard operating procedures. As a leader, it’s time to regulate the number of parameters we set with challenges one comes across.”

How do you strategize about the key programs and plan for the marketing and administration of your school?

“Inducing motivation in the students when I see them perform beyond their caliber makes me contended” 

I try to undertake the following perspectives while making decisions:

  • Invest in dilettante spirits of students and carve them into the finest craftsman: Our students are our representatives. Their performances represent our institution. Thus, to make sure they are up to the mark, we trained faculty members. The faculty members regularly update to address the frequently changing needs of Industry. The content aims towards establishing the confidence to perform the best by the students in the field. The theory semester trains the students on the machines and equipment as per the industry standard.
  • Internships have its own trend setting culture: Students are rewarded stipends as per their caliber. These internship aims to induce a sense of happiness and understand the industry proactively. They learn professional etiquette's. Harvesting marketing indirectly comes to the scope when these students earn their livelihood and stand independently in the market. They are our faces which shows us the way to success and propel further to achieve our mission
  • Supply the finest lead to the field: Marketing comes to the picture indirectly. When these students perform, create, innovate, and lead; they publicize us. This creates demand for our student as entirely industry-ready professionals who do not need training after employing them. Our brands and school are self-reliant. I am happy to be the head of these schools where the youth learn to create the path. That's what I see the cycle of life paddling forward.

What can an inbound student gain by studying at your university?

“Students build on their analytical abilities which helps them gain expertise in the particular domain”

The education system across the globe has two separate streams. One stream is to develop the analytical ability of the students helping them to pursue a career in research or management. The second stream is to develop skills for executing the projects. However, these streams have created two distinctive verticals never overlapping in the field.

Our education system develops skills with analytical ability in the graduates. The graduates can apply the skills with analysis. It is imparted by Swiss dual system of education for expertise. The students are always in an industrial environment with analytical learning focused on the respective industry. The system makes a difference to the graduates in comparison with a regular academic institution, and interestingly the new education policy also advocates it.

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What do you think your roles and responsibilities to the University and the students are? 

“My role in the university is academic administration and developing academic pedagogy.”

My role involves in the administration of infrastructure, faculty, trainers and supporting staff. The work includes the maintenance of infrastructure through supporting team, development of curriculum, development of laboratories and workshops, organizing the training programs for trainers and faculty, interacting with respective industries for internship and employment of students, organizing training programs for corporates, development of products and processes for industry etc. The responsibility is also to strategize the admission and brand building of the university. Significant responsibility is to develop a self-sustaining system for the university.

“Our curriculum is designed as per the need of industry. We regularly upgrade our syllabus for training in board of studies (BOS) comprising industry experts and academicians”

What do you think should be the University’s top priority over the next 10 years?

“Building skills and hands on training for graduates”

The top priority of the university is to be the top-ranking skill universities of the world. BSDU wants to provide the best skill training to its graduates who are always in demanded by industry. Quality education we will provide to be at the top in our field and students become a good citizen of the world.
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What are the challenges in the education sector?

“Students should have a deep understanding by learning practical aspects for the subjects”

The biggest challenge for the higher education is to match the pace with the fast changing demands of the market after understanding the demands at the time. It is essential for students to have a deep understanding of the curriculum they are studying and to analyze the practical aspects of the curriculum.

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