Krea University

Mumbai, March 23, 2018: The 21st century is undergoing dynamic and diverse changes, challenges and opportunities. And the future leaders need to adapt, have a sense of purpose and understand societal consequences to create an impact ethically. To deliver proper outcomes, eminent academicians and corporate leaders have come together to announce the launch of the Krea University in Sri City, near Chennai.

Krea University
Eminent Personalities at announcement of Krea University to be set up at Sri City, AP

Mission of Krea University: To enable high potential individuals to learn to create a positive, catalytic impact ethically in a dynamic and diverse world.

Vision of Krea University: The vision for a new paradigm of “interwoven learning” has attracted people willing to give their money, time, or both.

Aim of Krea University: The University aims to attract and select talented and high potential students who are keen to make a difference - using a rigorous multi-criteria process.

The transparent and “need-blind” admission process will ensure that finances do not constrain genuinely meritorious students. The University will have a world class; learning-friendly, secure and smart residential campus at Sri City spread over 200 acres.

About Krea University Programs

The University has designed a 4-year residential undergraduate program in Liberal Arts and Sciences leading to BA (Honors) and BSc (Honours) degrees. The course will offer students a choice of concentrations and electives after building a strong foundation of mandated multidisciplinary core and skills courses. With this, an immersive learning experiences via real-world projects and internships will prepare the students for a holistic approach to face challenges and opportunities. While, co-curricular activities in a vibrant campus would inculcate a sense of aesthetics and well–being.

Quotes from the Guests

Speaking during the launch event, Dr Raghuram Rajan , Advisor to the Krea Governing Council said “What we’re trying to do is to create a new generation of thinking Indians who will contribute to the development of the globe. We intend to bring something to the table that simply doesn’t exist in India today, but is very much warranted for the India of the future.”

Mr Sajjan Jindal, Member of the Krea Governing Council said, “I am very happy to be a part of Krea - bringing great global and Indian minds together to create an institution of global prominence.”

Reiterating the value of this new enterprise, Mr Anand Mahindra, Member of the Krea Governing Council said, “Krea’s graduates will undoubtedly be the most sought-after candidates, both in the corporate world and in other chosen vocations.”

“The fact that so many like-minded and eminent personalities have enthusiastically come together is ample proof of how much the new paradigm is the need of this day “– Mr N Vaghul, Chairman, Governing Council, Krea University

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Mr Seshasayee, Chairman of Supervisory Board, Krea University explained the new paradigm as “a unique “interwoven learning” approach that weaves creativity and action, arts and sciences, theory and practice, Eastern and Western perspectives as also the learnings of the past with the readiness for the future”.

Dr Sunder Ramaswamy, Vice Chancellor emphasised the uniqueness of the interwoven learning by saying “Krea’s attempt is to weave together deep domain expertise with broad based practical skills through the key components of the course spread across four years.”

“We set extraordinarily high standards of academic rigor and meritocracy at Krea – be it faculty selection, curriculum or student admissions. We seek to admit students who are highly talented, but also have a burning desire to contribute to the world.” - Manjul Bhargava, Member - Governing Council, Krea University.