Interview by Pratyasha

RPS College of Pharmacy

Dr. Neeraj Verma is currently designated as the Director of RPS College of Pharmacy. Her education qualification includes D. Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, and Ph.D. With 16 years of rich experience, Dr. Verma has published more than 15 research papers and participated in more than 30 conferences and workshops. 

With an exceptional work record, she has been accoladed with various achievements which include “Best Educational Award”; “Women’s Excellence Award”; “Research Excellence Award” and many more. Additionally, she is also a member of the Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, IPA, and APTI. 

Experience in Education Industry

With a vast experience in the education sector, I believe that it enhances one’s personality and mind. As teachers, we have the sole responsibility of improving the lives of our students. This sector has contributed to my growth, and I wish the same of my students. I try to provide a clear vision and try to bring out a positive outlook towards a set goal to my students. 

Philosophy and style of Leadership

A leader is the one who keeps the team members together, filled with passion and zeal for work. My philosophy includes motivating my colleagues to focus on the curriculum as well as on the organisation’s goal. Doing so helps them to imbibe the same in the students. 

A disciplined and eco-friendly Institute

  • Our Institute maintains a disciplined and a safe environment with a mandatory pick up and drop facility for every student and faculty member. In this way, no student can leave the college without prior permission.
  • The Institute also has a mini library for the students to spend their free time.
  • The college is known to have an eco-friendly campus with main focus on maintaining greenery. 

Challenges faced being a Director

Our institute is located on the outskirts of the city, making it difficult to convince the parents for the safety of their child. It sometimes takes me 3-4 hours of counseling to satisfy the parents. Being a new college in town, it is challenging to win trust easily. Despite everything, I try to solve this major concern with much humbleness, passion and enthusiasm. 

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Dr. Verma on managing her time 

Working at the position of a Director, it becomes difficult to manage personal as well as professional life. I have a supporting husband who helps me in managing my family. He respects and understand my work and lets me work the way I want. Also, I believe in prioritizing my work, which helps me to move forward smoothly. 

Relationship with students

I have been associated with education industry from past 13 years and it has become my passion. I never miss any chance to interact with the students and provide them with great advice. I organize 1-2 classes every week to know more about the students. My basic focus is to work on financially or mentally weak students in order to bring them on the road of success. 

Goals for RPS Pharmacy College

Our college is located quite far from the main city. Keeping this in mind, I am planning to establish an atmosphere like a Gurukul in the college. This will provide the students with a homely environment with a convenience store as well around the campus.


In today’s modern era, youngsters have forgotten their moral values and prefer to live in a virtual world. My only suggestion to all aspiring students is to build personal relations rather than relying on the Internet. 

Moral values in today’s generation are missing in almost every age be it a child, a student, a professional, or a parent. Therefore, to overcome this, one should invest their time in doing relevant and better things to make themselves better and do good to the nation at large.