World of finance is expanding rapidly with technological advancements and better regulations. There has been increasing demand for the finance professionals across various segments. Banking regulations have seen great changes in the last 2 decades. Most of the transactions are happening in paperless mode. Finance professionals are in good demand. If you are a student, completing your undergraduate studies then one of the options that you have is post graduation studies in management.

Management education has been evolving continuously and new streams, specializations are being created to cater to demand from the industry. In case of management education there are various specializations available including Finance, marketing. Operations management etc. But, the world of finance is growing by leaps and bounds and it has enabled more demand for niche areas of finance like securities market.

The field of securities markets is a confluence of several related areas – economics, financial economics, accounting and reporting, quantitative methods and computing, law and compliance and more. One aspiring for an entrepreneurial or managerial career in the dynamic securities markets is required to possess a myriad of skill sets over and above expertise in the markets and market-related areas.

The School for Securities Education (SSE) of NISM, with its prior experience in designing and delivering academic programmes, that suit the dynamic (securities markets) industry requirements, infused with innovation, has conceived the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Securities Markets) PGDM (SM) to create the complete securities market professionals. The programme is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).


Where Does PGDM(SM) leads to:

The carefully crafted curriculum, along with applications based teaching pedagogy and industry internship, serves as a strong foundation for further grooming and growth into various career paths in securities markets segments such as Equity Markets, Debt Markets, banking Treasury, Currency and Currency Derivative Markets, Commodity Derivative Markets, retail banking. In Research: Equities, Debt Markets, Currency Markets, Commodity Markets.

  • Analytics: Credit Research & Ratings, Economic Research, Policy Research, Advanced Analytics and Computing in Risk Management & Derivatives, Front-, Mid- and Back-Office Analytics, Legal Research & Analysis, Mutual Fund Analytics, News and Media, Fintech
  • Broking and Dealing: Equities, Equity Derivatives (F&O), Debt (G Sec, Corporate Bonds, Securitized Debt and Structured Finance, Municipal Bonds), Syndicated Debt, Mutual Fund Distribution
  • Advisory: Investment Advisor, Personal Financial Planner, Wealth Manager in banking, broking & Investment Advisory firm.
  • Corporate Advisory: Investment Banking, corporate banking, Insolvency Resolution and Restructuring, Valuation, Compliance, Risk Management, Debenture Trusteeship and Custodianship.    

School for Corporate Governance (SCG)

'Improvement in Governance requires Corporate Boards to be convinced of its benefits. The activities of the School aim at bridging the gap between theory and practice and empowering Boards with the knowledge they need to foster good governance practices'.-Dean,SCG

Investor confidence in governance of public interest companies is crucial for development of Capital Markets, which provide finance to economic growth. The School for Corporate Governance (SCG) conducts various programs aimed at improving Corporate Boards’ understanding of governance issues and providing them with the tools to implement quality processes, such as…

  • Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Enhancing Integrity at Work and Speaking up programs for employees
  • Role of Compliance Officers in Securities Market
  • Integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Perspective in Investment Decisions
  • OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
  • Quality of Business Reporting Reporting Disclosures
  • Corporate Governance and Board Leadership for Women Directors
  • Directors’ Colloquium
  • Research Conference
  • Performance Evaluation of Board and Directors
  • Familiarisation Programs for Directors

School for Securities Information and Research (SSIR)

The vision of SSIR is "To be a hub of knowledge initiatives for playing a strategic role in quality enhancement and capacity building, for transforming the Securities Markets in India and the Asia-Pacific Region.SSIR aims at motivating and providing an enabling environment for conduct of top quality research that contributes immensely to the form and structure of financial markets; helps product innovations and deepening of the markets; evaluates and improves risk management methods and policy research aimed at making the markets a safe place for investors. SSIR shall actively support and complement the role of regulators in preserving market stability and integrity through unbiased robust research inputs.

The school also conducts policy forums in the areas related to Capital markets. The school receives research projects from SEBI , RBI, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The school welcomes young scholars as a visiting research scholars to work on some specific areas of Finance. The activities of the school include bringing out the working paper series, conduct national and international research conferences, organize workshops related to research methodology, Financial Econometrics , financial computing using R and Python and help capacity building across the industry and academics.

School for Regulatory Studies and Supervision (SRSS)

“Through its rigorous executive education and leadership programs the School supports the Reserve Bank of India and the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the watchdogs in the Indian financial sector, in augmenting their human resource towards the implementation of regulatory policies”  Dean SRSS

The complex and dynamic nature of financial markets requires dynamic regulations, knowledgeable and up-todate financial markets professionals. The professionals of securities markets/ financial markets must keep abreast of latest market legal framework, products, processes, technologies etc. The School for Regulatory Studies and Supervision helps financial markets regulators in India and abroad, government official and market participants to understand and effectively implement regulatory policies norms. The School provides traning,workshop,seminars on.

  • Securities Law
  • Effective Surveillance of Securities Markets
  • Masterclass related to Financial Markets
  • Investigating Economic Crimes in Securities Market
  • Fixed Income Securities -Analysis and Pricing