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Servo Hospitality School - [SHS], Dehradun

Servo Hospitality School - [SHS], Dehradun

Dehradun, Uttarakhand Estd 2018 Private

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Servo Hospitality School is one of the pioneer institutes in the hospitality domain in Dehradun. It has emerged as the finest institute which aims to focus on the challenge, which is to train and educate the future hoteliers and hospitality leaders to anticipate and respond to these changes. Read here to know more about the institution.

SHS, Dehradun Organizes Webinar on Reopening of the Economy

Servo Hospitality School, Dehradun

Date: Aug 07, 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought many issues along with it. Apart from the health issues one of the majorly faced challenges that we have is the monetary issue. Keeping this in mind, the Servo Hospitality School had conducted a webinar on the morning of the 1st of August 2020. The topic for the session was “ As we set the stage for reopening of the economy. “ 

The moderator for the session was Mr. Ravi Singh – Director, Servo Hospitality School and Mr. Rupam Dutta – General Manager, Radha Regent Hotels. The honorable panelists were Mr. Dipendra Benjamin – Founder and CEO, Morpho Hotels and Resorts India, Mr. Mehul Sharma – Founder and CEO, Signum Hotels and Resorts, and Mr. Ankur Chandra – Cygnett Hotels Group. 

It was quite an interesting session wherein many important aspects were discussed. The discussion began with the importance that when we open again, we need to be united. To be joined together at all levels – a collaboration of the Municipal, the local administration, the state administration as well as the central government.

They discussed that it would be highly beneficial if the local bodies corporate, it would be a great assistance to revive tourism, hospitality, business back on the track with corrective discussions and meetings. The idea of pushing tourism and henceforth international topics were two key points of the session. Emphasis was given on the need for time to gain trust among customers and the hospitality industry. Many other important points, taken into consideration, were untrusting on hygiene and operating standards, the use of artificial intelligence, the use of modern technology, a collaboration of small to large companies, the need to negotiate with the suppliers and vendors. Points such as investment, costing parameters, returns and profits, use of robotics, and Al in hospitality and impact were also taken into account. In the end, Mr. Ravi Singh gave a vote of thanks and ended the session.

Servo Hospitality School organizes webinar on Sustainability and responsible tourism

Servo Hospitality School, Dehradun

Date: July 29, 2020

A webinar was organized by Servo Hospitality School recently on the topic - “Sustainability and responsible tourism“. Mr. Ravi Singh officially began the webinar with the introduction to the honorable guests as well as to the respective topic.The host for this webinar was Mrs. Rachna Dushyanth, who is a social worker and is running a school called ‘Ankuri’, for the rural women. She also runs a homestay called ‘Thikana’, and a camp by the same name.

Mrs. Dushyanth moderated the session very zestfully and had put forward many interesting questions to make the session much more active. She covered various agenda based on sustainability and hospitality. She had also shared her views with every question of hers and made it much more interesting.

There were three promising speakers for the webinar. The first being Mr. Ram Kumar, who is a Sustainability Expert and part of the National Climate Program. He was trained by the former Vice - President of the USA, Mr. Al Gore, in climate change. He also raised money for charity purposes. He talked about how the objective of tourism is to enrich the spirit of the tourists, as they come to take a break from the daily hassles of their lives. But he also mentioned that there is so much to be preserved. He believes that we must keep contributing our bit.
Another speaker for the session was Mr. Himmat Anand who runs the Tree of Life resort and is also an active writer on social media. According to him at a large scale, hospitality is the worst exploiter of the environment. He mentioned that the garbage produced by the hospitality industry contributes to 10% of the global GDP. He also said that luxury does not just denote glitz and expenses, it is something more. His thoughts on tourism are that it is like a canvas, where every tourist draws up his own landscape.

Last but not the least, Mr. Rupesh Rai a well known Rural Landscape Personality in rural landscape of Uttarakhand presented his thoughts. He is actively running a chain of the FMCG called ‘Bakrichhap’. He also has a firm ideology towards social equality. Mr. Rai participated actively in the session. He talked about luxury being outdated and customization as the new trend. Sustainability is a responsive tourism with the combination of all the three types of sustainability. He also believes that something moderate has to be done for the environment.In the end, Mr. Ravi gave the vote of thanks and concluded the session.

“We would like to give a heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed guests, the members of the panel, the participants, the staff and our dear students for taking out time from their busy schedules, and sharing some droplets of knowledge from their ocean of learning”, he concluded

Servo Evolve Flavors of Indian Cuisine with Amul India

Servo Hospitality School, Dehradun

Date: July 22, 2020

Servo Hospitality School and Amul India, jointly worked alongside to evolve the flavors of Indian cuisine. The workshop demonstrated the live preparation & presentation of ‘Paneer ke Soole Saunfwale and Achaari Soya Chaap’, by Chef VPS Negi. The Chef showcased various Indian and natural ingredients used for the preparation of the dishes. He educated the audience on the positives of home cooking, organic foods, use of local crops and ingredients. The participants were mesmerized by the live smoking and flambe effects created, due to burning of charcoal alongside in the dishes. Numerous flavors and aromas were imparted during the process. The fundamental series of mise activities and cooking procedures started right from washing & chopping of vegetables, nicely arranging it in the skewers, flavors engrossing marination, tossing and roasting of cottage cheese and others to extract the juices, followed by the x-factor techniques of flambeing and smoking. The delicious delicacies were portrayed in a beautifully presented tableware. The accompaniments and condiments namely chilly paprika sauce, mint relish, onion garlic sauce and cheesy flavors were outlined too with the main dishes. Different Amul products were used in the process such as milk, cream, cheese, butter etc, along with various vegetables and Indian spices.

More than 100 participants viewed it live over Servo Hospitality School and Amul India Facebook page and had actively participated during the workshop. Several comments, likes, suggestions kept flowing in during & till the end of the session. Chef Negi acknowledged and responded to the questions and queries over the call.

SHS organizes ‘International Desserts Journey’ webinar

Servo Hospitality School

Date:July 20, 2020

Mouth-watering delicacies were baked & showcased during the ‘International Desserts Journey’ webinar, which was streamed Live on the Servo Hospitality School’s Facebook page recently. The two renowned personalities that out framed the task were Chef VPS Negi, Servo Hospitality School, Dehradun & Chef Manoj Semwal, Victoria Hotels and Resorts Can Tho Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Exotic desserts were prepared during the session namely Flair of Chocolate with Caramel Crunch, Trio of Mousse and Milk Chocolate filled with Mascarpone Cheese. The step by step process, covering the aspects such as whipping the cream, tempering of chocolate, preparation of ganache, moulding the garnishes, crumbing and layering of different bases, were thoroughly explained by the Chefs. All the deserts were first beautifully crafted and then presented over different platters. All the ingredients used in the session were natural and readily available items such as milk, cream, fruits, chocolates, sugar, dry fruits etc. Chefs also educated the audience on how to use an alternative that an individual can inculcate in their baking, in case they fall short of some items.

It was a very learning and creative experience for all the aspiring and budding chefs, who believe and dream of framing their career in culinary arts. The session received an overwhelming response; more than 100 participants viewed it, live. People from all walks of life, witnessed and enjoyed the session. Several questions and queries about the dishes were asked by the participants to the chefs such as the temperature required while whipping the cream, ganache preparation method, layering of mousse, different styles of plate presentation etc. 

Servo Hospitality School organizes a webinar on ‘Corporate Etiquette’

Servo Hospitality School, Dehradun

Date: July 06, 2020

Servo Hospitality School (SHS) organised yet another amazing and interesting webinar on ‘Corporate Etiquette’ conducted by Ms. Shalini Mehta, Etiquette Coach & Consultant - Servo Hospitality School recently. The business etiquette has its own importance and significance in the corporate world. Diligent and mannered ways of handling oneself and the things around is what required during the professional affairs.

The expert, through her charismatic personality illuminated the audience, as to how the positive attitude, good work ethics, nice interpersonal skills and disciplined life routine can make an individual into a distinguished professional. She stated the importance of first impressions, firm hand shake, nice eye contact, polite behaviour, creating comfortable & healthy environment and accepting the mistakes, can lead one’s career a long way. The speaker expressed her views on the fact that the first few minutes can either make or break a person’s impression. She also educated the participants on mobile etiquette, email etiquette, meeting etiquette and dining etiquette. Her advice to the audience was to keep the professional and personal life separate, so as to lead a successful career and peaceful life. 

The session was observed by teaching professionals, industry experts, students, guests and others. It was full house occupancy with hundred percent seat acquisition. A healthy two way communication floated during the scheduled Q/A minutes.

Servo organizes Live Bakery & Patisserie Workshop

SHS Dehradun

Date: July 06, 2020

Servo Hospitality School (SHS), affiliated to OTHM, United Kingdom organised a Live Bakery and Patisserie Workshop. The guest experts- Ms. Priya, former Sous Chef, ITC Kolkata and host Chef VPS Negi, HoD Culinary Arts, Servo Hospitality School showcased their mettle and did a marvellous job of elucidating the various concepts of baking. The duo designed two beautiful cakes which consisted of Chocolate Truffle and Fruit Cake. In addition to it, they also prepared the Vanilla & Chocolate Sponges, Lemon Curd, Truffle sauce and amazing white and brown chocolate garnishes which were Cigar, Fan, and Flowers etc.  The entire workshop was for approximately 2 hours 30 minutes and was open for all viewers through live Facebook streaming and also through scheduled zoom meetings. The event received an overwhelming response and was viewed by more than 400 participants, which came from all walks of life namely students, academicians, hoteliers, esteemed guests, working ladies, housewives, parents etc. Several questions, suggestions, queries kept pouring in during the session, which were thoroughly answered and explained by the Chefs. The workshop not only featured the beautiful & amazing delicacies but also the diligent efforts put in by the Chefs, their aspiring & charismatic personalities and words of motivation & encouragement during the workshop. Behind the camera were the kitchen and IT teams, which stood up strong and supported the entire event for its seamless delivery.We are very sure that the participants not only enjoyed the session but also have learned various techniques and skills required for baking.We look forward to hosting many such sessions and continuously deliver our students seamless online lectures. 

Planning Hospitality Career amidst the Fourth Revolution

SHS Dehradun

Date: July 06, 2020

Servo Hospitality School organised a significant & remarkable session titled, ‘Planning Hospitality Career amidst the Fourth Revolution’, by the versatile & dynamic personality of the hospitality industry, Dr. Sudhir Andrews – The Living Legend.  Dr. Andrews is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and was the first MBA from IIMs to join the hospitality industry in 1971. He had set up the Oberoi School (OCLD) as the Director and later set up the Ecole Hoteliere, Lavasa as Dean Academics. The guest speaker holds a gigantic status in the hospitality industry and has written several hospitality books of all core departments, for which he has bagged several noteworthy awards including the Rashtriya Gaurav Award (2010) & Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence (2010). 

The sixth talk of the online series witnessed the golden rules of inculcating & imbibing the hospitality traits, so as to lead a successful career. Participants, who included students, faculties, dignitaries and guests, were delighted to hear from the keynote speaker and acquaintance themselves with the thoughtful insights of the hospitality industry. The rich & informative powerpoint presentation led the participants to focus & gain more from the session. The webinar was followed up by Q/A round and vote of thanks. 

Servo Hospitality School (SHS) would like to extend a very sincere gratitude to Dr. Andrews Sudhir for sparing time from his busy schedule and passing the lamp of knowledge and skills, so as to enlighten the people around. 

A Webinar on Food and Nutrition Trends

SHS Dehradun

Date:July 06, 2020

A webinar was organized on Food and Nutrition trends  by Ms. Gauree Kukreti, Asst. Prof., Pharmaceutical Department, Sardar Bhagwan Singh University, Dehradun. The guest speaker enlightened the audience with her ideology behind consuming healthy food and diet. She emphasised on the importance and ways to maintain a healthy body, mind & soul. The session was focussed on classification of food, macro & micro nutrients, objective, functions & sources of each nutrient, balanced diet, importance of routine exercising, illness due to deficiency of minerals, vitamins and their cure. The webinar became more absorbing, right after the session expert acquainted the listener on  the concept of ‘Veganism’ i.e. eating plant based food to the exclusion of all the dairy products and animal food. She focussed on veganism diet food such as whole food, raw food, 80/10/10, raw till 4, thrive diet that not only reduces serious illness and diseases but also boost the immune system, saves the environment & is far more ethical. The rich and detailed presentation was thoroughly viewed and acknowledged by the participants. 

A long good quarter to an hour was dedicated for open questions and answers session. Several questions pertaining to ways of boosting immunity, increasing antibodies, rich sources of mineral and vitamins, planning a balanced diet, various mechanisms and procedure of controlling different illness, building up the muscles by natural food & diet and methods of detoxification, kept pouring in till end of the session. 

All the participants were delighted and satisfied with the informative and enriching webinar. We are extremely thankful to Ms. Gauree Kukreti for conducting such a nice and thoughtful session for all our participants.

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