Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Science

Dr. Lavakesh Kumar Omray is the current serving Director and Professor in Pharmaceutics at Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhopal. He has experience spanning over 23 years in teaching, research and Pharmaceutical industry. He has numerous international and national publications on his name along with plethora of workshops and seminars.

It is a place where we work with future researchers, industrialists, and pioneers

I have been in this industry now for numerous years. To be honest, I am enjoying every bit of it till now. It's because we educate the future leaders. This is where we work and create future researchers, industrialists, pioneers, and so on. The field brings new challenges and we face new circumstances. This is up to us how to treat instructive calling.

Technical and expert abilities alongside social skills are integral part of one’s life

My way of thinking is to create technical and expert abilities alongside social skills to comprehend rational thinking. My instructive way of thinking of authority, more or less, would without a doubt start and end with building up a positive culture among the students, staff to make them capable, and to discover new approaches to getaway.Educational heads must have the option to fabricate associations with all partners, find and play to the qualities of their staff and school network individuals, construct authority limits by enabling students and lecturers to grasp a trailblazer's attitude, and lead by actions. I need to be a pioneer who expressly speaks with all partners and energetically executes the above key segments for making a positive learning society inside a school or framework. After consummation of a pharmacy degree, I make sure my students must have a clear vision and they are sufficiently equipped to make due in the everyday expanding rivalry. 

A student of pharmacy has to remain updated continuously with consistency 

I consider the field of Education is brimming with challenges wanting to be overcome. These challenges may come in the form of engaged and unspecialized methods for learning, dated educational plan, and educational guidelines, absence of mechanical and clinical presentation, and many more. 

Given the market requirements for prepared labor, we make training the epicenter of expertise. The institutional base of research in India is amazingly tight. Genuine research is restricted to a couple 'world-class' foundations. To overcome these difficulties in the Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, we give a lot of accentuation that is to be given to modern and down to earth establishment. A student of pharmacy has to continuously update the insights, which is pivotal. That is the reason we generally endeavor to refresh the educational plan with current patterns in the industry.

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The educational program is structured so that students can work in the pharmaceutical industry or partnered field

Pharmaceutical Sciences is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that intends to coordinate key standards of physical and natural science, building, organic chemistry, and science to see how to upgrade conveyance of medications to the body and make an interpretation of this incorporated comprehension into better than ever treatments against human malady. 

Students in the field of expertise gain proficiency with the normal language of pharmaceutical sciences through the thorough center course-work in biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics and medicate conveyance frameworks.

Outfitted with a solid, custom-made establishment in fundamental and applied sciences, our students are all around situated to turn into an essential piece of our investigations and our revelations. The educational program is structured so that students can work in the pharmaceutical industry or partnered field. Notwithstanding the educational plan, we additionally give a presentation of different development pharmacy practices actualized in industry or related territory. 

We provide ready-made stage to the student to begin their Training

Radharaman College gives the ready-made stage to the student to begin their Training. We create the mentality of the student who can look through a new position effectively and adapt. We additionally create business enterprise quality in students. We at Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical science have confidence in joining the four aspects together spell Success, Ability, Motivation, and Attitude. 

With this conviction, the Training and Placement Cell of Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Science appeared in the year 2005 for giving Minor Training to our First Batch Students. This Cell is adding shrubs to the Group under the important direction of Dr. R. L. Gupta (Gold medalist, Eminent Academician, and Ex - Principal MANIT, in the past MACT, Bhopal). Foundations are decided by the Placements they offer, which relies on the nature of students they produce, which thus relies on the scholarly capital, scholastic condition, industry interface and so forth.

Recreating and reframing the thought process of students is essential role of an educator play

I try to create a solid moral connection among students and professors through classes and different skill workshops. I generally guide students on how to progress. Professors get an interesting chance and benefit to convey every day to various students that they put stock in them. This builds their certainty and improves their conduct. 

Revising and training students for wrong practices is an essential and significant piece of each educator's activity. It might be found negatively by the students at first, however, the majority of them stay connected with me and express gratitude towards me for remedying them at their initial age because of which they reached heights in their career.

Truthfulness and Reliability within the organization is a significant perspective

The perfect school experience can be characterized as involvement with disclosure. This idea can be applied inside an educational setting and in a close to home disclosure of self. This is a period of new thoughts, better approaches for speculation, of understanding alternate points of view. 

Control, truthfulness, and reliability within the organization is a significant perspective. Students must help and support their peers. In Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences, we urge students to take an interest in the entire social and sports exercises with the goal that they become fit and dynamic.

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The future perspective of the pharmaceutical industry is to adopt new business models and innovative ideas

Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences has gained a good reputation in Bhopal. In the next five years, we are aiming to make the Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences the number one institute in Bhopal, where a student can get world-class Pharmacy educational standards. 

The future perspective of the pharmaceutical industry is based on adopting new business models and innovative ideas that support to sustain the existing industry growth for the future. Moreover, with the recent developments in medical technology and mobile telephony, aiming to remove the financial and physical barriers in healthcare access, are also expected to aid the pharma industry by bringing significant growth opportunities for the sector. We aim to produce efficient pharmacists having innovative skills and entrepreneurship abilities to contribute to the developments in the future.

Youth should strive to make a balance in their life

Youth should make a balance between social media, their peers, food habits, exercise, and their professional life. Students' habits should be developed towards entrepreneurship/ startup businesses from the first year onwards.