A professional educationist and leader, Mr. Badri Vishal Tiwari is serving as the Chairman at IPSR Group of Institutions, Lucknow. He has more than 15 years of work experience in academics, and has been actively engaged in research activities for a decade. Along with having a substantial number of publications in reputed journals, he has also been credited with the membership of several professional bodies at the national level. 

IPSR Group of Institutions

What makes the education field the best to work in according to you?

“Using best of resources to avail human life in a better way”

A good education is defined by acquiring skills and the one that teaches a student to think. With absolute faith in higher education and research, we can cope with the growing complexity of the modern world. We are providing training and guidance to the young generations so that they can bring relief to all the sufferings of humankind and conduct research to improve the quality of life. Education today uses newer means, methods and technology to inculcate lives with convenience and longevity. 

In your experience, what can an inbound student gain from studying here?

“Quality education that enhance their professional life”

As our mission stands, the college cultivates its students to acquire a strong scholastic ability, integrate diverse perspectives and approaches with real-world applications to become future pioneers in the field. We are proud of our well-earned reputation for academic and research having our students well placed in various sectors of the field of Pharmaceutical Technology and reputed global companies of Management. Moreover, we create a spirit of entrepreneurship and leadership amongst our students so that they are able to deliver best outcomes for the growing world. 

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How does the curriculum of IPSR ensure the best practice of industry?

“Enabling students to learn and develop skills with research based knowledge”

There are many different ways to be educated and many subjects that can be studied. IPSR Group has selected innovative and creative factors to create a hub of higher and quality education not only for students but fellow staff as well. We provide opportunities to the young generation for evolving their core competencies and building up their career as world class professionals. We incorporate their minds with broad based research foundation, in-depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges and global competition in tune with industry aspirations. We instil the habit of deskilling and lifetime learning among students and promote interactions with economic and social institutes and organizations to foster their growth. The trust has selected eminent personalities from the field of education and industry as members of the management committee, who are committed to provide guidance and advice on academic and professional levels from time to time.

What do you think should be the IPSR’s top priority over the next 10 years? 

“Establishment of high tech infrastructure and creating more opportunities”

Our vision is to create an environment that shall foster the growth of intellectually capable, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals contributing to the growth of Technology and Management in partnership with industry. IPSR aims at developing and harnessing the students for the welfare of the nation and mankind by generating sound and convenient opportunities. As a part of its ambitious future plan, IPSR Society will start a fully fledged hospital with super specialties to facilitate the functioning of medical, dental and nursing colleges at campus. 

How IPSR is more welcoming to students of different cultural backgrounds? 

“Making students aware and accepting for varied diversity”

Teaching students about cultural differences, ensures the classroom is welcoming and creating a respectful and safe environment for everyone. Benefits include improved academic development, increased cultural awareness, satisfaction with the college experience and desire to promote racial acceptance. Socializing and interacting with those of a different race or culture has a positive personal and academic influence on students. 

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth?

“Create by doing and taking risks”

A nation is built only by educated and cultured youths with determination, confidence and dedication. Life is not lived without taking chances, but surviving the odds of new challenges. Possess positive outlook towards any difficult situation. Always tries to be a doer and not a criticizer.