Himalayiya Ayurvedic (P.G.) Medical College

Prof. Anil Kumar Jha is the Principal at Himalayiya Ayurvedic (P.G.) Medical College. He is in the field of education for an extremely long time and has a rich and vast experience in the field of Ayurveda. He is a leader who believes in establishing strong relationships with faculty and students. Read his views here in his interview.

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style? 

“A leader must be lucrative in his/her approach towards their faculty and students”

As per my perspective, leaders must have a vision & articulate it clearly to provide direction for the team/institution. They must assure leadership opportunities for others to foster growth & share responsibilities for attaining goals. Since our college is an Ayurvedic Medical College, it needs more attention in every dimension of hospital Administration/Academic Administration. It includes proper supervision, professional support, counseling, guidance for Doctors /Teachers, better environment for medical students. It is carried out via various Academic/Professional Programmes/Seminars, etc. 

“To establish a healthy environment, we have established harmonious relationships among the staff members. Also, there is a friendly environment for all the students to develop, progress, and enhance their medical professional traits under the leadership of competitive Teachers and support staff.”

How do you strategize about the key programs and plans for the marketing and administration of your school? 

“Our past records of excellent work in the medical field are a mark of excellence”

This college is reputed Ayurvedic Medical College in terms of qualitative education & eminent doctors/teaching faculty having a rich academic background. They toil hard to nurture the upcoming doctors. It is a full-fledged institution that does not indulge in any publicity or fake advertising as it is self-sufficient in itself. Its popularity lies in the feedback of patients who have recovered & it is present in the hospital records. The aspiring students get placement in various Governments/Private Hospitals & are popularizing this college through their achievements in their respective areas.

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How does the curriculum of your college ensure the best practice of industry? 

“The curriculum is designed to provide pragmatic learning experience to every student”

The Central Council duly approves the primary curriculum of Indian Medicine. It is designed to bring the best of the students. It transcends the students' best exposure, including the understanding of Ayurveda in the present scenario, frequent patient interaction, programs such as- seminars/symposium/conferences/guest lecture/ online teaching/ professional tours. 

Any insights into how your college could be more welcoming to students of different races or economic backgrounds? 

“We have provisions for students coming from economically weaker sections to help them prosper”

The college does not discriminate against any students based on color, caste, or race, and it provides universal education to all. However, few economically weaker students are taken under consideration where he/she has an extraordinary performance. The higher authorities approve such cases to help them and prosper in their studies. 

What are some challenges you see for higher education in general and for your college specifically?

“Our college is progressing and evolving with time and has remarkable achievements in its name”

The Non- Professional course should be research-oriented & establish a relationship for the betterment of society in general & the nation. As far as my college is concerned, it must excel in clinical research & better contribution to humanity. Our college is still progressing with passing time and has achieved significant milestones. The college is presently working and is under progress in some fields like more research programs & better facilities for the patients. 

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