Started with an aim to assist  students to become future leaders, St. Claret Institute of Management- [SCIM], Bangalore, is an institution with moral values and ethics. The instituion develop students who are not only academically inclined, but  have a humane approach to life and who will play a strong role in the transformation of the society. Read here to know more about the institution.

SCIM conducts webinar on Personal Branding 

Date: June 02, 2021

The rise of the term Personal Branding has been very recent. Personal branding was once thought to be better left to sportsmen, Celebrities, and models. Personal branding is now an essential part when it comes to holding success in a variety of domains. Giving our students a glimpse of what gravitates around was important. St. Claret Institute of Management conducted a National Level Webinar on Saturday the 29th May 2021 on the topic - ‘Personal Branding’. The Guest Speaker was Prof. Suku Thomas Samuel, Assistant Professor from Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous).                                                                                                                          .

The speaker shed some light on the various tactics that students would need to work on to get a better and renounced personal brand. A few of the tactics were down the lines of figuring out who you are and reinventing one’s self through the various personal zones (Growth Zone, Learning Zone, Fear Zone and finally, Comfort Zone. Secondly, he spoke about finding our passion not only through our interests but also through our spiritual quotient. He interacted with the participants by engaging them in short clips related to the topic as well as throwing some relevant personality questions at them. The session had a deep focus on how to differentiate yourself as a brand among others in the crowd. 

The hands-on learning from the webinar was that effective personal branding can lead to a plethora of opportunities in life. Essentially, it would be a mistake to ignore it entirely.

Young MBA students working around the clock to help the needy amidst the pandemic

SCIM Bangalore

Date: June 02, 2021

Why Humdard?

Humdard is a Hindi term which means someone who stands with you in tough times. Resonating with the meaning, this project was initiated where we play the role of being Humdard to the people who are lacking basic necessities of life during these tough times.It started with a very small thought of what we can do for people who are suffering during the lockdown, especially people in orphanages and old age homes because of the lack of funding and other resources.

For us, as an Institute it is very imperative that the students first learn how to be good human beings and can give back to society. In order to build in this sense of responsibility, this project was started and then the students picked it up from there doing fundraising for the Initiative and then took it forward to the people in need.

Theme: To extend support to the weaker section of the society and teaching values to our student is the kind of education we follow at St. Claret’s and to imbibe these values we try to guide our students in the direction that can be beneficial to not only to them but to the society as well. It is the backbone of the education that we deliver.

The real value of education lies not in the number of books read, but the number of lives touched and inspired.  At a time when the world is struggling to come to terms with the pandemic, the MBA students at St. Claret Institute of Management are spreading hope and smiles on the faces of their fellow human beings. The students have initiated Project Humdard, through which they are delivering support in the form of groceries and food supplies to orphanages, old age homes and families which have been impacted by the pandemic and whose financials have been jolted by the lockdown. 

Undeterred by the restrictions imposed on movements during the current lockdown and keeping aside apprehensions about their own health and safety, the students have successfully touched hundreds of lives and stood by those who needed support. This small initiative is slowly turning into a movement, as more people have volunteered to join the initiative and extended their support. This project is not only touching lives in Bangalore but has extended its assistance to an orphanage in Jharkhand and an entire village in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka. Very often the success of an MBA program is measured in terms of outcomes like placements and internships, overlooking the process that builds character and imbibes values of leadership and humanity among students. The students through this project have demonstrated that it is by sharing our power with the less powerful, by lending our voice to the voiceless, that real value is created in life thereby creating a better society.

Future Plan: We plan on extending our support to the weaker section of the society even after pandemic.There are people joining us from foreign countries to help us with this initiative. We would like to develop this as a way of life at SCIM  where anybody who is needy can find a ray of sunshine in project Humdard.