Dr. Satish K. Sarankar is the Principal and Professor at Akhil Bharti College of Pharmacy, Bhopal. He has completed his B. Pharm., M. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Ph.D. in Pharmacy. A gold medalist, he has also received a fellowship for pursuing his Ph.D. He has 12 years of teaching as well as research experience and published articles in reputed National and International journals. He has guided students of graduate and post-graduate courses for their project work. He is a life member of various professional bodies like the Society of Pharmacognosy, Association of Pharmacy Professional, Pharma Research Library etc.

Akhil Bharti College of Pharmacy

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“Education sector provides the opportunity to produce intellectual individuals for the growth of society”

Change is the law of nature and Education is the only means through which change can be brought for the welfare of mankind and living. To impart & learn good moral, social and cultural values, I always keep myself connected with education.

What is your philosophy of leadership and its implementation?

As a leader, I try to communicate clearly about the work at hand and smarter ways to execute it”

A principal must be efficient at practices such as prioritizing, scheduling, and organization. Being the leader I do not have any philosophy but I always try to delegate tasks to whoever is best-equipped to perform well in the task. This eliminates back-and-forth, mistakes, and the need to re-do tasks.

How does the curriculum of Akhil Bharti College of Pharmacy ensure the best practice of industry?

We follow the curriculum provided by the Pharmacy Council of India and RGPV, Bhopal”

Akhil Bharti College of Pharmacy is committed to the education of students who, upon completion of the course, can meet the public need for safe and effective pharmaceutical care. The characteristics of quality instruction, basic & applied research and extensive knowledge of pharmacy practices ensure great advantage for the students and make them industry-ready.

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How does your institute cater to students from different races or economic backgrounds?

We are committed to educate and offer a multicultural environment for study”

We do have students from different backgrounds at present in our college. For students who belong to poor economic strata, we provide government enabled scholarships to help them to pursue higher education. We also help them out at the institution level.

What do you think your responsibilities to the institute and the students are?

Research new resources and techniques to improve teaching and learning”

Being the Principal, providing guidance and counselling to students & teachers is of utmost importance to me. I must ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for students. Enhancing research and acquiring new materials to improve the experience of both students and teachers are some of my current responsibilities.

What would you like people to know about your institute they may not know?

“The unique factors of our institute include Student-centric and Activity-based learning”

At Akhil Bharti college of Pharmacy, teachers facilitate student learning which helps students gain skills, knowledge and thinking ability. We promote a culture of Project-Based Learning and exceptional mentoring.

What are some of the biggest challenges you see for higher education in the current age?

Ensuring quality in higher education is amongst the foremost challenges being faced in India today”

Quality in higher education is a multi-dimensional, multilevel, and dynamic concept. There is inadequate focus on research in higher education institutes. There are insufficient resources and facilities, as well as, limited numbers of quality faculty to advise students. These are some of the major challenges for higher education and most institutions.

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How do you tend to establish a healthy environment in your institute?

Open discussions have been always proven to be healthy for any working environment” 

 I speak to people openly and always encourage them to do so. I make sure that I am always approachable for suggestions and advice for academic developments. Facilitating an environment of proper guidance is essential.