Centre for Design and Excellence - [CODE VGU], Jaipur is an esteemed institution, which aims to make a better world for the future, through Design and Architecture education. The institution develops critical awareness through hands-on research and discussion, which is essential to professional maturation and individual growth. Read here to know more about the institution. 

CODE VGU Jaipur hold Academic Entrance Interviews 

CODE Jaipur

Date: May 06, 2021

Academic entrance interviews were held for students who appeared for the DeCode exam in April 2021 for B.Des Admissions. The students had an excellent discussion with the design experts about various design streams, they learned about versatile design approaches, experiential learning, and the importance of holistic development of a designer. They got an insight into life at CODE and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. The students were assessed based on their understanding of the design stream they chose (Fashion & Textile, Interior & product, Graphics & Communication) and their portfolios. We were pleased to see that students from various Indian states demonstrated exceptional creativity and expressed a strong desire to pursue a design career.