Mr. Anil Shinde is the Director at INIFD Kondhwa. His life can well be summarised in the quote: “MAKE IT SIMPLE, BUT SIGNIFICANT”. He began to work hard at an early age and started his first business at 20. He first ventured into the garment industry, then took up the “Café” business, and later in the year of 2009, the inception of INIFD Kondhwa came into light. 

Not only has he given wings to the dreams of designers, but he has also made a name in the fashion education in Pune, with his hard work and a will to give back to the society.

Mr. Shinde views on the design industry

I ventured into the field of education when I started INIFD Kondhwa nearly 10 years back. During this period, I have seen the Design Industry has grown by leaps and bounds. I think this is the right time for students to make their career choice in Fashion and Interior Design. 

Having dynamic experience from various sectors, Mr. Shinde Leadership style

I have been running several successful ventures for the last 30 years. I have to deal with a large number of people. My philosophy is to lead by example. I believe that no job is too big or small if you do it with honesty. And, I also never hesitate to step in and take on any task myself.

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Changes noticed in the industry over these years

In the present day scenario, people are better placed economically. They want to take that extra mile to raise their standards. Consumerism is at its peak, and hence all businesses are thriving. There is a lot of innovation and development in every sphere. All this is impacting the growth in every sector positively. 

Methods opted to mould students to be industry ready 

When I forayed into the field of education, I came with the thought that “THE STUDENT ALWAYS COMES FIRST”. With this, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything in my capacity to give the student the best possible facilities and exposure, be it in the form of getting the best faculty on board to inviting faculty from overseas.

Placement opportunities available at INIFD Kondhwa

Our students have been placed with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Duravit, Mr. Kitchen, Spacewood, and many more. I can proudly say that a number of our students are also running their businesses. This itself speaks volumes about the kind of training that is being imparted at INIFD Kondhwa, which is enabling these young designers to face various challenges in the industry.

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Advice for young and aspiring research scholars 

I believe in the mantra of the “THREE H’s”...Humility, Honesty and Hard Work. If you work hard, nothing can come in the way of your success. Always be honest in what you do. Lastly, always be humble. Having respect for others, and your roots will take you a long way in life!