In the ever-evolving consumer market, the definition and dynamics of the luxury brands have changed in many ways. Having tagged with the word ‘luxury’, it becomes apparent to maintain the quality, heritage and timelessness of the product. This will make it well worth the price for the shoppers who can afford it. After all, from clothing to watches, quality is something that is missing in most run-of-the-mill brands that people tend to go for.

It is precisely where luxury brands make their presence all the more palpable – their vast range of product and service offerings provide customers with a seamless and satisfying experience. However, with the ever-changing digital market, these brands face a massive challenge when it comes to their marketing, distribution, merchandising, and communication management practices.

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The reason behind this is because of the inherent nature of such brands mandates and the need for a convincing marketing strategy that compels people to invest in these offerings. It’s an imposing challenge, making it more daunting by the fact that new-age marketing avenues also need to be taken into account for the same.

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The main questions arise - How do modern luxury brands take up the challenge of managing all these aspects coherently and holistically?

Well, for new-age problems, you need new-age professionals who can think on the same. This is very much required in today’s times. The mere fact that the luxury industry in India is currently valued higher than $30 billion should be proof enough of the sheer scope when it comes to the growth in this industry.

However, this poses another question – Where do people find a batch of professionals who are educated especially in the realm of the luxury branding industry?

Well, various institutes have courses that are specific to the domain of luxury brand management. One such college is the Pearl Academy, whose Global Luxury Brand Management course aims to equip students with a diverse range of skill sets pertaining to the industry at large. The course is specific to tailoring new-age individuals and educate them with modern-age learning principles, making them to become a stalwart player in the field.

Under this course offered by Pearl Academy, areas of brand management, retail operations, marketing, and clientele management are covered. With this, the academy allows students to meet industry veterans, handling brands like LVMH, Genesis Luxury, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, and Tag Heuer. This practice enables a holistic learning experience from the ground up for students. Ultimately, a combination of these elements provides aspirants with the means to break into the luxury brand industry.