If you are a good communicator having a creative mind and a flexible personality then mass communication is a “perfect” match for you.

The term “mass communication” simply means transmitting information on a large scale to a wide range of people. With increasing demands in this sector, the industry is continuously looking for extroverts who are not only experts in their field of work but also who has a versatile personality. The fact that, nowadays, students want to be more aware and expand their horizons, this field covers all aspects of it.

Earlier, the field was not popular and people had a negative mindset for it as well. But, after the Industrial Revolution, the world witnessed tremendous growth in the field of technology, science, commerce, and trade. Presently, the scenario and image of the industry has completely changed.

The field has so many career options available, ranging from Radio Jockey, Editor, Video Jockey, Art Director, TV Correspondent, Screenwriter, and many more.

An individual can enjoy full liberty while expressing their thoughts in this field with a great social life corresponding to it. Also, with a good command over the language, there are never-ending opportunities which include creative satisfaction, excellent remuneration package, and the name & fame one receives. Many great companies usually look for aspirants who can adapt themselves easily without getting easily confused or overwhelmed.

After completing school, students require the right amount of guidance in choosing their career paths, if chosen right, nobody can stop the individual from success. Unlike medical or engineering careers, there are no prior preparations required for making a career in mass communication. With appropriate knowledge and skill sets required, nobody can block your career paths.

The work environment is a necessary element for an individual, and working for companies or organisations that dedicatedly comes under mass media can provide you with a great amount of liberal environment where you can enjoy a global experience. There are some reputed companies which can provide you with the same such as Zee Network, The Hindu, All India Radio, Star India, Indian Express, to name a few. Starting salary of a mass communication graduate will range from INR 12,000- 25,000 depending on their skills.

For securing a future, a right college plays an important role. International Institute of Mass Media (IIMM) is one of the best colleges for pursuing a career in mass communication. With its persistent presence in this field, students can enjoy dynamic learning cum practical knowledge. The institute has real-life based labs, news or radio studios to enhance the learning process. Being one of the leading institutions since 1999, top placement companies come every year to recruit top students.

Currently, the institute is offering 2 courses:-

  • BJMC (Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication) - 3-year full-time course
  • MJMC (Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication) - 2-year full-time course

A career in this sector requires dedication, commitment, and sacrifice of personal life. But in a nutshell, mass communication widens up the horizon of career options for a student. It is totally upon personal interest, and inclination one can choose a job.