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Dr. Preeti Shroff is designated as the Dean of a premier institute MICA. She has an experience of 25 years in the teaching industry. Before joining the college, she was the dean of the School for International Training (SIT), World Learning, Washington DC and Vermont.

She has been awarded and honoured with many awards. To name a few: 

  • Recipient of the Best Thesis Award - International Category [2003], Department of Urban Planning, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York.
  • Recipient of the Commonwealth’s Overseas Development Association (ODA) Award for International Scholars [1991-1993] - The Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK.
  • National Air Force Cadet Representation, National Cadet Corps [1984-1985], New Delhi, India.

Her research areas are as follows: 

  • The World Bank Indigenous Knowledge in Development Program, Washington, DC.
  • University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Institute for Studies in International Education Visiting Scholar 2002-2003

In an exclusive interview with Bal Mukoond, the academician answered questions on education sector in India and how it differs from other countries. She also revealed her leadership style and has a special message for the youngsters. 

Exciting and Evolving new frontiers in education sector around the world

There are exciting and evolving new frontiers in the education sector around the world. My interest areas are Global Management and Governance in a Digital World, Higher Education Leadership, Sustainability Management, Social-Culture-Creative and more.

I have served as the Dean for World Learning’s School for International Training (SIT), Washington DC and Vermont campuses in the US, and have taught at the University of Maryland and Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at the John Hopkins University. I have also managed education and executive learning programs supported by the World Bank, UN, UNICEF, USAID, and many other global institutions.

While management education is focused on global strategies, customer engagement and digital marketing, and is in demand globally - there are critical education policy, structure, access and relevance challenges that must be addressed especially in the digital era. At the same time, there are so many opportunities for innovations, especially across - education, industry, social and government sectors, as well as across countries. 

There is a long way to go in India for achieving global quality management teaching, research, collaborations - reforming and reshaping management education for global strategic learning is an urgent priority!

My passion is to stay connected with and invest in the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Increasingly, we will have to define education ecosystems, institutions, learning and competences to be effective in a digitally enabled world. It is fascinating to develop hybrid learning platforms that involve face-to-face and online education. Also, life-long learning is inevitable in a rapidly changing world. It is fascinating to engage with government, corporate and social sectors as partners in education.

Futuristic, Focused and Facilitative leadership is my approach at MICA

Leadership in today’s world is about multiple intelligence, empathy, authenticity, and innovations critical for shaping the world! Courage, clarity, compassion, creativity, connection, collaborations across cultures will define effective leadership. It is equally important to be strategic and decisive to navigate a volatile world.

MICA is a dynamic and creative learning community. Emotional intelligence and rigor are needed to define and manage academic programs and life at MICA. Futuristic, Focused and Facilitative leadership is my approach at MICA.

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MICA a premier institute for management

MICA - School of Ideas is a premier institute for Management, Marketing, Communication in a Digital and Design-driven world.

  • The post-graduate programs and learning ecosystem emphasise ‘whole brain’ development. Analytical, Emotional and Global intelligence drive design and delivery of all programs.
  •  We combine classroom learning with industry internships, international and rural immersion, urban Impact projects.
  • All PGP Program students in Management have Specialisation options that include Advertising and Brand Management, Digital Communication Management, Marketing Analytics, and Media and Entertainment Management.
  • We also offer cutting edge courses for Management, Creative Communication and Executive Program groups.
  • MICA is strengthening global partnerships in the US and China with universities and industries for academic and research excellence.
  • MICA has a strong alumni and industry network for knowledge partnerships and placements outreach.
  • MICA promotes faculty and student-centered administration for decentralised and collaborative governance. MICA President/Director and Dean ensure that institutional culture, structure, policy, and programs reflect the core values of participation and co-creation.

Management studies have a convergence of global knowledge and skills learning

While education systems and structures differ across countries, there is a convergence of global knowledge and skills learning in management. MICA’s unique approach that combines Analytical, Experiential, Creative and Cultural learning - is relevant for students from all over India and Abroad.

MICA engages with all industry partners for research and knowledge sharing, curriculum development and co-creation, pedagogical innovations, joint teaching, industry immersion and internships, case competition participation, and placements. We regularly host MICA Leadership Series lectures and workshops involving industry leaders. There are ongoing collaborations with industry partners in China, US and other parts of the world given the global aspects of industry and management. 

We provide scholarship and have 50% female representation

MICA has consistently maintained 50 percent or higher female student representation in all our programs. We are emphasising Program Marketing Outreach to Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in MICA admissions process. We have scholarships in place for deserving students based on merit and need. We are connecting with institutions and coaching centres in underrepresented regions in India.

We have instituted strong research culture

MICA has always focused on management and creativity for the corporate sector. Now we are also emphasising government and social sector enterprise management and partnerships. We are operating at the intersection of global, national and local institutions and management. We have also instituted a strong research culture combined with pedagogy and teaching innovations.

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Analytical and Experiential Learning is one of the stand out for our college

MICA Community nurtures analytical, creative and emotional intelligence for preparing empathetic and global leaders and managers. Analytical and Experiential Learning, International - Urban - Rural Immersions, Industry and Alumni Partnerships, Diverse Faculty/Alumni Committed to Creative, Cultural and Critical Thinking are MICA’s strengths.

MICA Ahmedabad

Ultimately your hard work and curiosity will lead you to the path of success

There is no substitute for curiosity and hard work especially in an increasingly global and complex world. Be prepared to learn inside and outside of the classrooms from faculty, peers, industry and communities to understand the complexity of problem-solving and management. Digital and Experiential learning are equally important.