Seema dental college and hospital

Dr. Himanshu Aeran is the Director Principal of Seema Dental College and Hospital, Rishikesh. He has 30 years of teaching experience to his credit. With an inclination towards social services, he wants to create a learning environment so that the students stay at par with the international standards and come out as global citizens.

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the profession? 

“Creating the right environment which favors growth for others” 

The purpose of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. I believe that my hard work and dedication would inspire others. The better I am, the better staff I can acquire & ultimately the better education I can provide to the developing minds which will help them grow better. I wish to make great doctors who make patients happy and satisfied.

What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

“Supporting innovations and scope for betterment”

We are working in a dynamic field that is characterized by a constant push to deliver the most efficient, safe, and high-quality care. To succeed, we must lead to administrative and clinical teams while effectively managing resources. In an industry known for shifting regulations, rapidly evolving technological and clinical advancements, rising costs, and growing ethical concerns, healthcare leaders must constantly adapt and innovate solutions as well. Effective leadership plays a crucial role in shaping the culture of a healthcare organization and ensuring its ability to tackle complex issues related to healthcare delivery. Healthcare executives set the moral tone for their staff and it must be infused with integrity.

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How do you strategize about the key programs & plans for the marketing & administration of your school?

“Creating personas of your target audience members is a helpful way to market” 

The key to success in marketing a dental school is to combine time-tested marketing techniques with the most cutting edge strategies in today’s marketplace. “ A high-quality marketing plan connects your company to your customers .” Without it, you will quickly find your school cut off from the marketplace. It is extremely essential to understand the features and characteristics of the institutions which set it apart from the rest. Most of the time it is not the only quality of the product offerings but it is the ability to communicate granular marketing messages to their customer base. Marketing involves public relations, media planning, client support, market research, and community involvement as well as advertising. Therefore Marketing strategies help in showcasing unmatched teaching skills through experts in the field of healthcare, and successful outcomes.

How does the curriculum of Seema Dental College and Hospital ensure the best practice of industry?

“Utmost priority in inculcating the desirable value system among the students”

The Academic programs of the Institution are in tune with the goals and objectives and the curricula adopted an address to the needs of the society and have relevance to the national and global trends. An equity opportunity is given to the students to participate in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. The students are encouraged to make the optimum use of the available student services for self-development. They have value-added topics that are covered to provide global competencies and are encouraged to work on community-based research. To overcome the constraints of following common syllabus in the affiliating system, certain value-added aspects are incorporated in the syllabus which is either useful to the students or covers the latest developments. 

What do you think are your roles and responsibilities to the University and the students?

“Continually endeavor to improve the operating effectiveness of the college”

The Director principal is part of a Divisional Administrative Team whose function is to support and assist the college in meeting the overall objectives of the Division and the needs of individual students. My role is to provide leadership, direction, and coordination within the college. My main focus is to develop and maintain effective educational programs within the college and to promote the improvement of teaching and learning in college. In general terms I would say roles and responsibilities towards the College and the students are: (a) detailed organization of the college; (b)the development of the instructional program; (c) the assignment of duties to and the supervision of members of his faculty and; (d) the general operation of the college facility.

What do you think should be the University’s top priority over the next 10 years?

“To establish research as a priority, to secure new funding and redistribute existing resources”

Seema Dental College and Hospital provides more than just education-it is a center that is envisioned to focus on quality dental education and research besides providing affordable quality dental care to people. The College is professionally managed and has been nurtured and developed with the best of technical and professional infrastructure to suit the ever-increasing needs of modern-day dental health care. I believe college priority for the next 10 years should be Research focusing on stimulating oral health research in developing countries like us to reduce risk factors and the burden of oral disease. Discoveries in genetics, molecular and cell biology, immunology, and pharmacology, as well as in materials and computer sciences, will reshape the character and focus of dental practice and dental education itself. Dental school research programs must be linked to basic research programs outside the school. Involvement with medical school and other university research activities will be increasingly important.

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Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

“Be open to criticism and better yourself with each passing day”

Keep challenging yourself. We should treat life like one long university education, where we can learn more every day. Many deep cultural, social, and spiritual values will benefit all people. However, I recommend three simple and basic sets of values for youth: life, education, and freedom. If you place a high value on each of these and consider them in your decisions, it will affect the choices you make.