Culinary Academy of India - [CAI], Hyderabad

Culinary Academy of India - [CAI], Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Telangana AICTE | Estd 1996 OU, Hyderabad Private

“Today’s experts were once beginners, work hard and you will succeed”, suggests Chef Sudhakar N Rao to the students

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Interview by Bhawna Rawat

Chef Sudhakar N Rao


Chef Sudhakar N Rao is currently working as the Founder/Director/Principal, at Culinary Academy of IndiaHe holds a Diploma in Tourism, Catering & Hotel Management from Indian Council for International Amity, an affiliate of FIOCES UNESCO Paris (1985) and Three Years Diploma in Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition from National Council of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, New Delhi(1986-89). He is a Certified Cruise Educator from Progress International -Cyprus as part of Costa Cruise Trainer (2006).

Chef Rao is one of the First Indian Member of the "American Culinary Federation" which is the world's largest and prestigious chef organization based at St. Augustine Florida, USA. (1993). He has trained over 1000 budding chefs who are working in 5 continents of the world as a Culinary Trainer since 1996. He is listed amongst the Top Fifty Master Chefs of India by the Hospitality Biz Magazine and amongst the Top Ten Famous Chefs of India by World He has been the Chef Host for one of the top reality cookery show - CHEF NUMBER ONE of a leading TV Channel.

Culinary Academy of India is also the first professional culinary college in India to offer a full-fledged Three Year Bachelor’s in Catering Technology & Culinary Arts and a  Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts with affiliation to Osmania University.

Chef Sudhakar N Rao’s experience in the education industry

Education is neither an Industry nor a commodity. People who come into this field to teach others are those people who look at education as an investment in the next generation of the country. You need to be passionate about giving, rather than receiving. The best happiness for an individual is when your student comes back and tells you that he is successful because of your efforts. My personal experience is that it’s one of the best human services anyone can do.

Challenges faced by Chef Rao as the Director of Culinary Academy of India

Day to day problems are there but I resolve it with ease by being open and also accommodative. Real challenges that I am facing today are that the generation is into too many distractions. I am able to manage with regular and routine checks at the place.

Chef Rao on how his curriculum ensures the best practices of the of the industry

We follow the latest happenings in the industry and update the curriculum from time to time. We are the only college, which strongly believes that the students need practical training if the college wants them to emerge as industry ready. The only college in India, which has eight teaching kitchens under one roof and our intake has been only 60 from last 20 years.

Goals in Chef Rao’s mind for Culinary Academy of India

We are already listed amongst the Top Ten Culinary Colleges in the world by ASIAN CORRESPONDENT.

Our Aim is to be in the top three schools in the world

We want to have at least 10 Culinary World Records in the name of Culinary Academy of India.

Chef Rao’s methods to ensure the quality of education in his institution

There are numerous quality checks in place and most of the delivery standards have been already set. The fluctuation on the course delivery cannot go beyond 5%. These parameters are regularly monitored by the Responsible Department Heads. Each Chef Instructor has been provided with all the required resources such as ingredients, equipment and tools. The quality of the Chef Instructors is also important hence strict selection procedures are followed while new technical faculty is being hired. People who wish to work for BRAND CAI as chef trainers  should at least have a year’s international exposure.

Read more about faculty available at CAI

Chef Rao on building a positive school culture or climate

Less of Bureaucracy, more of transparency.

Listen to problems and come up with easy solutions. No bias at any time. Maintaining a healthy inter departmental coordination to avoid problems.

Chef Rao’s relationship with the students

There are many channels we meet, contact and interact with the students. We always keep the communication on from our side and we are in touch with most of the students since the first batch passed out in 1999. Our Alumni is the best source for newcomers into the college and we know that most of our present batch students are mostly through Alumni Reference.

Chef Rao’s views on the growth of students through placement opportunities available at Culinary Academy of India

We are the only college in India who have generated over 10,000 jobs in Hospitality, Hotel, Catering and Culinary Industry. Out of the 10,000 placements in 20 years 7,000 odd placements have been given in UK, USA and Italy in Cruise liners. The Batch Average Salary has been 30,000INR the past three years. This package is not possible even in the best of the best colleges offering professional courses. We are now seriously working to capture the highest number of Kitchen Management Trainees programs on offer each year of all leading hotel chains in India.

Read more about placements opportunities available at CAI

Chef Rao’s leadership style

We don’t believe in high-funda management philosophies. We are very practical and deal with day to day challenges with an open mind and strongly believe in hearing more and telling less.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students by Chef Rao

Do not get stuck to the mobile phones and become sedentary. Go out, spend time and

face the world in reality not virtually.

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Jonathan Obed

Chef. Sudhakar , Is one of the most organised and dedicated person I have come across in my life. Training under him is a great opportunity. Skill, Discipline, Punctuality, Dedicated, Motivation, Enthusiasm, what not .... All in one person. Brand CAI will surely be one of the top 3 colleges in the world for culinary education in no time.

25 Jul, 2018 20:39
unnati supekar

I feel proud to be part of Brand CAI. Best college and excellent kitchen labs.

20 Jul, 2018 20:55
Ramakrishna Reddy

Brand CAI rock all over the world, because of Chef Sudhakar N Rao, Culinary Academy of India Stood first place in Culinary Education

20 Jul, 2018 17:53
Srikanth Naluvala

Firstly i always feel proud be associated with Brand Cai as an alumni

20 Jul, 2018 15:30
cyril clement

Pioneer and talisman of the culinary profession Chef. Sudhakar.N.Rao has defined the way the Chef fraternity is seen in India and abroad. His ground breaking education model has altered the perception as an unique ,skill and discipline oriented profession and has made the budding chefs a force to reckon with.

20 Jul, 2018 12:46

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Prof. N.SrikanthLecturer, Department of Pastry & Bakery
Prof. T. Margaret MrinaliniAssistant Professor, Department of Hygiene and Sanitation
Prof. Raj Kumari MathurAssistant Professor
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9.2/10 student satisfactory rating

"From an engineer to a chef!"

As I am an engineering graduate, coming from different background to take up an advanced level course was challenging. But the faculty and course structure helped me to catch up with the proceedings as quickly as possible. The knowledge possessed by the faculty helps in understanding the science behind food production. Having an engineering background and curious approach helped me in understanding the process and thoughts went into designing recipes. Also the familiarity of using various tools and machines helped me in carving practicals. The passion and interest I have about culinary arts is increased many folds after attending this course and gaining the unique knowledge about the over...
9.2/10 student satisfactory rating

"Best academic culinary all rounder of the year"

Culinary Academy of India is a brand and strives at excellence and making learning a joyful experience. Once you join the college you become a part of the Chefs network and are always in constant contact with the college welfare. The management works day and night to be able to cope up with the changing trends in the industry and never falls back on providing the best to its students. The course in itself is a continuous training process and also creates a platform for the emerging future chefs that the college can provide to the society at large.
by k niriksha reddy
9.3/10 student satisfactory rating


The good thing is the management is very proactive and they always make sure that the quality of education is kept very high and they make sure that the best faculty are hired for the teaching in the technical subjects with practical's. The only thing which I did not like is that they are very strict and run the college as a military academy. But its okay as hotel industry puts a lot of emphasis on discipline and punctuality. We get trained for that type of discipline here in the college itself. I think this is the main reason why most CAI'ns survive in this tough culinary profession. The college tries its best to emulate the industry within the college premises.
by onkar rajesh wani
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