Mr Argha Chakravorty is the Principal at IHM Gurdaspur. He has over three decades of enriched accomplishment in both Industry and Academia. He is a certified ‘Qualified Learning Facilitator’ from Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland and a State level awardee of Punjab for his contribution to educational excellence. Under his leadership, IHM Gurdaspur achieved various National Level Rankings & Recognitions.

IHM Gurdaspur

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

My innate passion for academics and quest for learning” 

Besides the passion for academics, my industry experience coupled with the pursuit for excellence enables me to add value to the education sector. I have no special talent but I am only passionately curious. I strongly believe in an old adage “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” The education sector provides me the right platform to nurture a lifetime value – transferable skills get carried on as accumulated knowledge. 

What is your philosophy of leadership? 

A participative leadership that allows me to consider everyone’s ideas and opinions”

I try my best to guide and coach my team members. My attempt has always been to involve all the stakeholders in the decision making process, which in turn foster a healthy culture of team work & motivation in them.

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How do you plan the marketing and administration of your school?

“Digital footprint in the web world and word of mouth play a pivotal role in our marketing strategy alongside effective communication network between faculty, students and their parents”

Institute reaped rich dividends out of its digital presence in the world of web. Active & intelligent use of various social media platforms by the Institute has been a key driver to its visibility & marketing to the outside world. This has also helped our faculties to be proactive in adapting strategies by mapping the mindset of the students and be responsive to any change of need, preference etc. in them.

Organizing counselling sessions in nearby higher secondary schools, familiarisation tour to our Institute etc. has helped us a lot in getting more admissions from the vicinity. 

How does the curriculum of IHM Gurdaspur ensure the best practice of industry?

“A curriculum that aligns with industry requirements and incorporates development of knowledge, skill and attitude”

The curriculum of IHMs is centrally designed with inputs from industry representatives, academicians etc. The learners at IHM Gurdaspur are encouraged to challenge assumptions, think beyond obvious and add the value of excellence in whatever they do. Students are encouraged to participate in both online & offline intra college competition, seminars etc. Faculties here are certified as Qualified Learning Facilitator under the aegis of a reputed Swiss Hospitality School and got exposure to nuances of international hospitality education.

Any insights into how your college welcomes students from different socio-economic backgrounds?

“Scholarships for meritorious students and those from weaker economic sections”

To practise inclusivity, scholarships are provided to students belonging to SC/ST and also on the merit & means basis. 

What do you think your responsibilities to the college and the students are?

“Broadly to facilitate an environment of continuous & holistic learning in the campus” 

My primary responsibility towards college and students is to educate young men and women in all the crafts and skills, all the branches of knowledge, both theoretical & applied and all the organizational and management techniques to enhance their scope of employability & entrepreneurial journey in the hospitality sector. Under my stewardship & guidance, we at IHM Gurdaspur could successfully design & implement novel means to facilitate an enriching learning environment, both within and outside the classroom and develop creativity, work ethics and leadership skills in learners. 

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What do you think should be the college’s top priority over the next 10 years?

“Beginning new courses and cultural transformation at the IHM campus”

Begin Masters courses from next academic session, Training & development of digital proficiency of faculties in new global context of Teaching-Learning through the online modality & hybrid model. Investment in technology & advanced Learning Management Systems are also high on priority list. 

Employers in the hospitality sectors are looking for professionals with a combination of both hard and soft skills. To deliver outstanding customer experiences, the future hospitality students hence need robust skill sets in cultural awareness, multi-tasking, customer service, communications etc. coupled with digital competency. Thus, cultural transformation in the mind set of both teacher and student to acknowledge, accept and adapt to the change is of paramount importance.