IIHM Ahmedabad

Mr. Sameer Mehta is currently designated as the Director of IIHM, Ahmedabad. He is a Delhi Public School alumnus, completed his Bachelors in Hospitality Management from IIHM, and since then he has been associated with various brands in the hospitality sector. With a vast experience of more than ten years, he assures that with the right guidance and opportunities, India can become a global leader in the same.

Education is the most satisfying industry to work in

Education is the industry, which provides one with ample opportunities to serve society and make it a better place to live in. It gives one enough satisfaction at the end of the day. Our students working in various countries and firms still come and thank me, which strengthens my faith in this path. Apart from satisfaction, it is also a very scheduled job as education is much disciplined and therefore, it requires proper dedication and prior planning to accomplish a given task.

Hospitality education in India is not growing as fast as in Western countries

Being in this industry for more than ten years, what I have realized is that western hospitality education has outgrown us long ago. We lack in terms of methods of teaching, real-life projects, the content of education, and on many more fronts. Therefore, to compensate this, we have adopted a global education system in our college.

We Indians are good at planning operations, but when it comes to the strategy, we have a long way to go. For example, subject like sustainability, which is a core competency in international education, is still finding its ways and means of existence in the Indian education system. So, in my opinion, there is a change required in the Indian education system.

Handling students is always a challenging role as well as entertaining

As a Director of IIHM, there are many challenges associated with this position. One of the everyday challenges faced as an institution is handling students who are in their late teens and full of ideas and vigor. We have to make sure that their energy is directed in the right direction and they are guided for aiming high in life.

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Hospitality is a leading sector when it comes to employment

Hospitality is a growing sector and full of opportunities. A study which was conducted by the Times of India stated that 77% of graduates passing out from hospitality institutes in India are placed while engineering comes next to hospitality in terms of employment.

Another example is the new hotels that are proposed in the near future. Like in Ahmedabad only, there are two significant hotels proposed in the coming years, which provide excellent opportunities for our students in terms of placements.

IIHM is an Internationally Affiliated Institute

One thing that makes International Institute of Hotel Management stand apart from other hospitality institutes in the fact that our education system is globally inclined. Students have an option to choose to complete their education from the University of West London, the UK where they get an opportunity to work and earn. Many of our students are placed globally in different western countries like the US, UK, Germany, France, and many more. And not to forget, they all are doing pretty much great in their lives.

Our curriculum connects theories and examples with both present & past scenarios

We make sure to inculcate the latest information in our education besides providing the dynamic learning environment to our students. Another thing that makes us unique is that we are information strategic. We regularly quote the past examples and current proposals with the theories taught in the classrooms that help our students in extending their horizon of the subject. It also helps our students to grasp the concept quickly and retain in their memory for a long time.

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I always provide my students with strong support at any given time

I have made it very clear to the students that they can visit me at any point in time. I am always available for them in case of any confusion or query. Moreover, the issue does not need to be only regarding college or studies; they can discuss any of the concerns that are bothering them.

We understand this fact that they are teenagers and have recently got independence from their parents. So, there should be someone who can assure them of their safety without impeding their freedom.

On developing a globally acknowledged education platform for our students

Our vision is to provide our students with world-class training in hospitality. For this purpose, we organize Young Chef Olympiad every year. It is a competition in which culinary artists from all over the world participate and compete with each other. Our students are exposed to world-class culinary methods and skills that they bring along. Our students can talk to these artists on the first-name basis who are going to be the next famous Chef across the globe. All of this helps in boosting the morals of our students.

Always have the right kind of attitude in life

An institute can teach you technical knowledge and theories, but it is of no use unless you have the right attitude in life. It is essential to have it at a younger age as it is challenging to change your attitude in later years. Having a positive approach in life makes much difference in the situation and helps one to cope with any problems with a calm mind.