NIPS School of Hotel Management

Mr. Ranabir Ray is the Director at NIPS School of Hotel Management, Kolkata. He is a visionary par excellence who is always on the lookout for elevating the level of education. The same can be said about his work ethics in the institutions where he guides students to become top-notch in the industry. Read his views here in his interview. 

What is your philosophy of leadership? 

“An effective leader is the one who keeps a practical approach”

My philosophy of leadership is to be practical. There cannot be any hard and fast rule in administration. A leader has to be flexible according to the demands because different situations demand different solutions. So, we should be flexible in terms of decision making, and we should be updated with whatever is going around in the world. A leader must adapt to the circumstances. Also, a leader must be aware of the surroundings and what is happening.

How would you describe your leadership style? 

“It is essential to address the situation and think how can we reach the solution”

I try to coincide with my philosophy of leadership. I back my gut feelings and try to think out of the box to address a problem statement, and I tell my subordinates likewise. Like many great leaders, I try to lead from the front and try to be more flexible with the solutions. I believe that proper rewards and recognition can do wonders for the growth of an organization. 

Top qualities that a student must possess?

“Students must have interest in the industry they want to a part of”

Firstly, a student has to love this industry. It should not be a pressure that hotel management has a lot of jobs, so we are going for hotel management. If you like this, then come to this industry, and you will shine. Any sector you go, you have to love that industry then the industry gives you back. You need to enjoy what you are supposed to do. 

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Ideal school environment and culture according to you? 

“Our teachers are committed to elevate the level of our students”

NIPS is known for its placements that is one of our USPs. The brand is always associated with the placements. I would say our teachers and our team are more committed towards placements and built up of the students. We are not biased by the government rules if you can compete in this only not that, we are not like that. We have options of being flexible according to the need of the industry that gives us an edge. 

What goals do you have in your mind for your institute for the next few years?

“We are planning for expansions; simultaneously we are aiming for brand collaborations”

We have an aimt to grow at a rapid pace. We are planning for major expansions in the upcoming years. Also we have come up with Vincent bakery which gives a hand on experience to the students from the bakery. We are coming up with a few other brands also which will give the students a real life experience for the same. So, these are the immediate future plans, and we are expanding in the northern part of the country now. Covid has put a little brake into that as soon as it normalises we will carry on with our expansion. 

Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and aspiring students? 

“Students must make use of their time in college efficiently”

 The three years that you spend in your college life are of utmost importance. They can either make you or break you. These are the formation years wherein you can invest your time significantly and learn the maximum. Be serious in these three years, listen to what we say, do what we ask you to do then the rest of the life you will not regret. 

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