Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. D. Vasudeva Naidu

Dr. D. Vasudeva Naidu is the Vice Principal at ABBS. Dr.Vasudeva Naidu has done his Ph.D. from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati in Management on “Employee Retention Strategies”, holds dual post-graduation MBA (HRM), M.A (Personnel Management), LL.B,  Post Graduate Diplomas in ‘Training & Development’ from ISTD and Personnel Management & Industrial relations.

Dr. Naidu has earlier held HR leadership roles with Karle Group, Bloom Energy, Strides Arcolab, American Power Conversion (Schneider Electric), Waters India and Essae Teraoka Ltd. He is a multi-faceted personality with diversified exposure to HR Management, Leadership Development, Learning & Development, Organization Development, HR Consulting, Management Teaching. He is a speaker in various professional forums/functions.

In the last 4 years, Dr. Naidu facilitated about 100 + Senior Leadership Development Programs covering around 2200 + Educational Leaders. He is an accredited professional in MBTI (Step I & II), FIRO-B, Performance Management, Persuasive communicator, Managing & Leading Teams, Emotional Intelligence and Executive Stress Management.

He has facilitated development programs on Effective Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Good Governance, Performance Management, Balance Scorecard, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership assessment, Transactional Analysis, Behavioral Interviewing Skills, Leadership Competencies, Conflict Management, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Assertive Communication skills, ROI (HRM), 07 steps Problem Solving, 07 QC tools, 5- “S” and Team Building.

Prof. Naidu’s experience in the education industry

My professional experience with corporate and education industry is about 30 plus years. The field of education is unique as “Teaching is the of all professions”. Be it Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, etc., all have to get baptized through teachers. The opportunity to make a difference in nurturing the young talent is abundant. This scope gives great satisfaction as a teacher, that too scope for giving back to the society in the form of grooming future talent. The surprise is that Teacher does not know down the line what and how the students will make an impact on the society. To sum it up, any Nation’s progress is directly proportional to its focused priority and investment in the industry. Thus the ‘Education Industry offers an ample scope for a fulfilling career’.

Prof. Naidu’s philosophy of leadership

I practice “Nature and Nurturing Style of Leadership”. This style of ‘Natural’ allows students to explore and grow their inner potential. Nurturing adds substantial value in the form of hands-on grooming to imbibe new things. Students get deep practice and inculcate creative thinking towards realizing their true potential. In the process of ‘Nature Nurture,’ they do find their passion towards which student can propel their career.

Significant challenges faced the Director – ABBS School of Law

As an academic professional, the current challenge with ‘Millennials” is that they are very smart, ambitious, , energetic, etc.They can grasp, find new avenues of knowledge frontiers. If I may point out one of the challenges of these ‘millennials’ is that they lack patience and focus more on ‘materialism with consumption orientation’.

Curriculum of ABBS School of Law

We at ABBS begin with a rich and scientific orientation program. The first step is to do aptitude assessment to get to know about the student’s natural preferences and potential.  We engage them through ‘outbound training’ to get them to know each other and build team spirit.  Immediate attention is drawn in developing communication skills, self-esteem and confidence by experts. We religiously meet prescribed University curriculum and walk the extra mile in adding current, relevant additional sessions to enrich the student’s competence. ABBS’ holistic development model continuously engages in lot of industrial /court visits, subject matter expert talks, curricular & extracurricular activities.

Curriculum of ABBS School of Law

Views on the growth of students through placement opportunities available at ABBS School of Law

We being the infant Law School, we leave no stone unturned in providing the best professional education to our students, Placement is the byproduct of our grooming. Our primary focus is providing the best education with holistic development towards lifelong career. The best method of students’ career planning is through innovative teaching and hands-on deep practice by constantly raising our benchmarks.

Views on the growth of students through placement opportunities available at ABBS School of Law

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Prof. Naidu on his with the students being the Director of the institute

ABBS’ topmost priority is our students. We practice ‘open door policy’.Each student is guided by a mentor/proctor both in terms of academic and personal matters. Students can meet their faculty members and principal at any time to resolve their if any. ABBS does have a trained psychologist to attend any psychological challenges.

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Prof. Naidu on an ideal school environment

ABBS boasts of its ‘state of the art campus’, very conducive for an pursuit with green and clean energy. The is an environment, a of discussion places, , gym, in-door outdoor sports facility. Highly open culture encourages students to be highly creative & innovative with research orientation.

Prof. Naidu on an ideal school environment

Top qualities that an aspiring Lawyer must possess

The aspiring law student must have confidence, critical thinking, application of logic, ability to question status quo. The main personality ingredient is ‘service orientation’ with fairness and Justice.

Goals in mind for ASSB School of Law for the next few years

ABBS aims to be a top-notch Law School with most preferred status to pursue ‘Law Education’ in the years to come. We nourish the ambition of our Law Graduates who are in great demand by Corporate as well as for litigation.

My strong wish is that each student finds his individual aptitude, passion and choose the profession/ career. As one enjoys his career, the name, fame, money, etc. would automatically fall in place as these are . My Best Wishes!