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Gaurav Basant Jain is the co-founder and Executive Director of Indore Institute of Law. Being an integral part of Icon Education Society he has counseled more than 30 thousand students, for choosing their apt career based on their personal interests and inherent strengths He holds a degree of Masters in Public Administration added with a management degree from Symbiosis Pune, in Human Resource Management.

A mentor has to be a friend and if required, act as a guardian too

I have been working in the coveted education industry for ten years now. I feel that for an effective erudition in the lecture hall, a mentor should have thought-provoking acquaintances about the topic.

Also, a student doesn't require a mentor all the time. There are times when you need to be their friend or play the role of a guardian. This helps the mentor by making them more receptive to the feelings of their students.

There is a lot of public speaking that is needed in this profession and once you’re in the class, you need to be very effective in your eloquence. Therefore, a mentor has to be a good speaker.

A true leader does not lead by words alone, but sets an example too

Leadership is a unique ability to create a positive influence on others in order to reach a certain goal or achieve an outcome. It is essential for the systematic growth of any group, organization, corporation, and nation.

A true leader does not lead by words alone, but sets an example too. He believes in putting ideas and thoughts into action and expects his followers the same. At times, he must act as a friend, as a teacher, as a guardian or a critique. He believes in walking together, rather than walking alone as he knows that great things can be achieved only with unity and collaboration.

Law graduates should be competent enough to guide, consult and represent their client

The liberalization of the economy and expansion of the private sector has enhanced legal expertise beyond courtroom and litigation. The new law graduates are required to be competent enough to guide, consult and represent their client for various legal issues like IPR, Mediation, Mergers to name a few. Skills that are required by corporates include effective communication, research analysis, business acumen and providing service to the organization. This is possible through enriched academic and training programs of our colleges with a new curriculum and facilities.

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Students have the liberty to contact me anytime for a one-to-one interaction

I believe that the key to unlocking a student's potential is by developing positive and respectful relationships at an initial stage. In order to understand the students and their grievances, I try and facilitate direct interaction with the students constantly. I ask them for their feedback and accordingly plan sessions where they can convey and discuss their issues, and what they feel.

At IIL, we have the concept of student council & Brand Ambassadors. There are few students who are directly in touch with me irrespective of Principals and HOD. The students’ Society Concept also helped me a lot to understand the micro problems at the Campus. Students have the liberty to contact me through the administrative department and get an appointment to have a one-to-one interaction.

A motivational speaker should inspire and bring a positive change in the life

I believe a motivational speaker must radiate positivity. He should have enthusiasm, and zeal for life. One must bring positive energy from the moment he is facing the audience. Yet, at the same time, the speaker should create a good connection with the audience. Thus, the focus is to bring in a positive change and present the best of my side. Also, how I can bring an optimistic change in the lives of others, that after my speech is over, there is value addition in their minds.

I recall one of my favorite instances, wherein I was a motivational speaker. A high school student narrated his incident that how he was being pressurized, by parents and peers, to take up a field, which was not of his choice. After my lecture, he felt inspired and got eager to pursue the legal profession, and came to me for further inquiry. I felt happy that I was able to embark on a genuine curiosity in him.

Future focus is on developing the level of department to that of premium colleges

I'll be focusing on raising the level of this department to that of a premium law college and hopefully, in the long run, even better. We realize that college isn't just about academics, but the overall development of the students. The same can be said when it comes to law schools since lawyers are expected to have a personality almost unparalleled to any other profession's. While academics is one aspect, we are also going to try increasing the exposure from the current level. 

The tie-ups with reputed legal firms to provide interesting internships will result in better placements. We also plan on furthering the moot court culture in our college by training and encouraging the students to participate in the national-level moot court competitions. If our hard work pays off, maybe on the international level too. In the end, I plan on developing a better relationship to inculcate development into the system and to improve it holistically.

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Student's should always upgrade their skills as per the changing scenario

Careers do not always move in a straight line. Students should always try to upgrade skills and knowledge as per the changing scenario. Hard work, dedication, and the quest for learning do not have any shortcuts, so be open to enrich yourself with the process of learning with interaction and visionary discussions. Education is essential not only for career opportunities but also for transformation as a better human serving the noble causes of society.