CBSE Syllabus Reduction to Impact NEET 2021

Nikkil Visha Nikkil Visha
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CBSE has decided to revise the syllabus of Class IX to XII up to 30%. The decision of rationalizing the syllabus is due to the continuous lockdown in various states of India that has disturbed the academic session of schools. So to reduce the burden of students the authorities have decided to curtail the syllabus. 

NEET syllabus is totally based on Class XI and XII syllabus so the first question that comes to the mind of various students is how the reduction in the syllabus will impact NEET 2021. Many science teachers have also raised their concerns that this reduction in the syllabus will affect the understanding of basic concepts that will impact students’ performance while attempting NEET or other exams. 

  • Some of the topics that CBSE has deleted from Class 11 Biology books are like anatomy and morphology of flowering plants. 
  • A lot of questions are asked from these chapters in NEET. 
  • The chapter on environmental issues has also been removed from Class 12 books.

Other significant chapters or topics that are important from NEET point of view removed by CBSE are Doppler’s effect, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Kepler’s Law of planetary motion, chemical substances — metals and non-metals, etc. Read the article to know more about the topics that have been removed, their weightage in NEET, and much more. 

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List of Topics Deleted by CBSE that will Impact NEET 2021

Some of the major topics which are very important to understand the basic concepts and are also interrelated with other topics have been removed from Class IX to XII. 

Human physiologyActivation energyDoppler effect
Plant physiologyArrhenius equationInertia and momentum
EvolutionBasics of atomic structureNewton’s Laws of Motion
Transportation in plants, digestion, and absorptionChemical substances - metals and non-metalsKepler’s Law of planetary motion
Locomotion and movementBasic metallurgical processes; corrosion and its preventionEffects of Current 
EcosystemsCarbon and its compoundsMagnetic effects of electric current
Environmental issuesNomenclature of carbon compoundsElectric generator
Reflex action; sensory perception, sense organsDifference between saturated hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbonsDirect current, Alternating current: frequency of AC, advantage of AC over DC
Elementary structure and function of eye and ear-Domestic electric circuits

Analysis of NEET Questions from deleted CBSE Topics

Based on the paper analysis of previous years the approximate number of questions that have been asked from the removed topics from the 3 subjects are mentioned in the table: 

Biology6 to 78 to 91 to 24 to 52 to 3
Physics8 to 105 to 62 to 38 to 101 to 2
Chemistry3 to 55 to 61 to 22 to 32 to 3

Deleted Topics Impact on NEET Biology

  • Topics that have a high weightage in NEET has been removed from the syllabus. 
  • Questions from topics like human and plant physiology, evolution, etc are part of NEET in the previous years. 
  • Since these topics have been removed from the syllabus students might face difficulty in solving questions from these topics. 
  • The deleted syllabus has created confusion among students that how they will cover and understand these topics while preparing for NEET. 
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Deleted Topics Impact on NEET Physics

  • Physics is considered as a difficult subject by Biology students because they have to deal with the lengthy calculations in this subject. 
  • Most of the concepts in physics are interrelated and if one topic is removed then students might face huge difficulty in understanding the topic. 
  • For Example: Newton’s Law of Motion has been removed from the syllabus. Now it will create difficulty in solving the questions from the Intertia, Momentum, Torque, etc because they all include the concepts of NLM. 

Deleted Topics Impact on NEET Chemistry

  • The same concerns have been raised in the case of Chemistry also which is considered as an easy and scoring subject in NEET by students. 
  • One of the topics that is Activation Energy has been removed which is important to understand and solve questions from Equilibrium and surface chemistry. 
  • Students will find it difficult to understand and learn the equations and formulas from the removed topics which are helpful to solve the direct questions. 
  • This way candidates might lose easy marks. 

What NTA has to say?

As per the sources, NTA has produced the rationalized syllabus by CBSE to its subject matter expert committee. It has been observed that the maximum number of candidates who appear for NEET, JEE Main, etc are from CBSE, and there is a huge gap in the syllabus of the two which cannot be ignored. 

NTA officials also said that they are in a tricky situation because some state boards might follow the full syllabus whereas CBSE has curtailed the syllabus. NTA direct general Vineet Joshi said that they will take this matter to JAB which is the concerned authority of such matters.