Central Govt. Issues Draft Rules for Rashtriya Raksha University Act 2020

Durgesh Rai Durgesh Rai
Content Curator

Central Government has issued draft rules for Rashtriya Raksha University Act 2020 during the monsoon Parliamentary session. 

Draft rules of Rashtriya Raksha University act 2020 are being issued to set up a multi-disciplinary university for imparting education on policing, research, and collaboration of various wings of policing, the criminal justice system, and correctional administration.

However, the draft rules have not been finalized yet as suggestions and feedback are being taken from the general public. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the final draft will be issued after a month. 

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What does the draft rule state? 

For the post of chairperson and members of the governing body, a suggestion of fewer than 5 names will be suggested by the Vice-chancellor. 

The suggestions will be made 8 weeks before the date of the vacancy so that the Center can consider the suggestions while appointing the members. 

The term of the office period for the non-ex-officio members of the governing body is three years. However, the members can be re-nominated for the next term.

Term members will not be considered as a part of the governing body if the member resigns from the post or becomes physically or mentally incapable of working for the governing body.

The term member will be released from his duties even if the member is seen to have committed an offence or immoral act or if the member accepts a full-time appointment in the university. 

Draft rules are being issued to bring about significant changes in the existing environment, infrastructure, and specialization of the colleges offering education in police sciences and internal security.

Efforts are being made to meet the demands of modern, citizen-centric policing. Thus, the university will make research in these areas and inspire students to join police and security forces at the national level.


About Rashtriya Raksha University: 

Rashtriya Raksha university aims to research in the fields of wings of policing, the criminal justice system, and correctional administration to create new knowledge and collaboration with stakeholders. 

The main arenas in which knowledge and research will be promoted are coastal policing, security, law enforcement, criminal justice, cybersecurity, cybercrime, artificial intelligence and related areas of internal security; and public safety.

Following categories of students can enroll in the University:

  • Foreigners
  •  Overseas Citizens of India cardholders
  •  Non-Resident Indians
  •  Indian origin people living in Gulf South-East Asian countries 

Rashtriya Shakti University in Gujarat which is a state university will be replaced by Rashtriya Raksha University which will be a central institute.