Chhattisgarh University to Hold Final Year Exams After Lockdown Ends

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The Chhattisgarh higher education department has decided to conduct university exams only for final year students in the state in view of the coronavirus outbreak. 

While the remaining annual and semester exams of state universities, which were abruptly postponed due to the coronavirus-induced nationwide lockdown, will not be held now.

"In a view of measures being taken to curb COVID-19, exams only for final year/semester of universities will be held. The order in this regard was issued by the higher education department on Monday evening," a public relations official said.

Examinations for students of the final year and final semester will be conducted after the lockdown ends, the official further said.

Apart from this, the department has asked the universities to evaluate the answer sheets of subjects, for which examinations were held before March 14 (for graduate and postgraduate students except for final year/final semester)

The universities have also been asked to award marks for remaining subjects (of which examinations will not be held), either based on the students’ previous exam performance or marks obtained in the internal exams or assignment works.

The universities have been given the option to evaluate students based on any of the three mentioned criteria or they can opt for more alternatives if required.

In case, any student is not satisfied with marks given through this process and wants to improve his/her grade, then special examinations will be held for such students next year.