Chitkara University Invents Neural Amplifier Silicon Chip

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Chitkara University has invented a neural amplified silicon chip which will help in diagnosis of chronic diseases such as Parkinson, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy and paralysis etc.

Chitkara University (CU), Patiala launched the chip in an event in collaboration with Semi- Conductor Laboratory (SCL), Mohali has designed the chip in 0.18 pm technology.

Pro chancellor Madhu Chitkara, Vice-chancellor Archana Mantri and HS Jatana, the group head, design and process group, Semi- Conductor Laboratory were also invited to the event.

The Pro-Chancellor has announced that the university is dedicated to encourage the cause of research and innovation which will be beneficial to society and future technology.

Vice chancellor thanked Dr. Rajnish Sharma and Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma who guided the whole project.

Lastly, HS Jatna congratulated the whole team on achieving the challenging task and the students who volunteered for the task.

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About Chitkara University 

Chitkara University is a globally recognized organization encouraging academic excellence through interdisciplinary applied research and expanding realms of knowledge through innovation. 

With its philosophical core commitment towards excellence in education, Chitkara Educational Trust established Chitkara Institute of Engineering & Technology in 2002; Chitkara International School, Chandigarh in 2004; Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh under Himachal Pradesh State Legislature in 2008; and Chitkara University, Punjab in 2010; which was established under the Punjab State Legislature.

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