DCAC: Three New Courses Introduced Without UGC Permit

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DCAC has introduced three new courses for 2021-2022 admission without the permit of UGC. The University Grants Commission has not yet granted permission or additional grants for these three courses.

There are 75 students who have taken admission for these courses at Delhi University, College of Arts and Commerce. Hence, the future of these 75 students are at stake. The three courses namely BA(H) Hindi, BSc(H) Computer Science, and BSc(H) Mathematics had 32, 23 and 20 admissions respectively. 

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Rajeev Chopra, Principal of DCAC had requested UGC to grant funds for starting the three courses. In reply, UGC had notified in August that the college can start the admission process with the existing staff. But the commission had not agreed on allocating additional funds for these colleges.

Anuradha Chopra, the present Principal of the college had later mailed UGC again for permission. Despite receiving no response from the commission, the college went on with the admission process. 

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Srikant Pandey, an associate professor from the Political Science department of the college, filed a complaint to the UGC that the college had illegally diverted posts to start the new courses. 

“In the light of the above mentioned objective facts, I would request your good office to look into the matter and take necessary action that the stated policy of affirmative action does not suffer due to irrational and illegal decisions of the person concerned.” As said by him.

According to him, as the first allocated funds had already been used by the college administration, the second allocation of funds has been kept for new courses. Hence, the budget for other expenses of the college is being hampered. This also disrupted the normal functioning of the college. 

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Shalini, UGC Education Officer had stated, “Therefore, these posts should not be considered for starting new courses. Hence, UGC regrets its inability to approve the proposal of the college for starting of new courses with the posts sanctioned under the second tranche of OBC expansion scheme.”

In her defense, Ms Anuradha has added that the college shall not utilize the funds from UGC towards the establishment of new courses in the college.