Debate on JEE Main and NEET 2020 Exam Increases; more aspirants turned up

Himanshi Sharma Himanshi Sharma
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Amid the rising concerns over the conduct of JEE Main 2020 and  NEET 2020, the students across the nation are tensed about their health, safety and future.

With each passing day, the debate converges heat over conducting the exam. Parents and Students are saying both in favour and against the postponement of the national level entrance examination. Even the COVID-19 survivors are requesting for the postponement of these entrance exams.

While few amongst them are against the postponement of the exams and argue to take necessary safety measures to conduct the exams. Those willing to write the exam should be allowed for it with no further delay.

The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has also been filed by the India Wide Parents’ Association in the Supreme Court demanding the postponement of NEET 2020 and JEE Main 2020. 

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The JEE Main 2020 is scheduled to be held between September 1 to September 6 and the NEET 2020 for September 13, 2020. 

As per the statistics, around 25 lakh students have filled their application forms to appear for the exams. 

Some of the opinions of the JEE Main and NEET aspirants have been highlighted below: 

‘Life is more important than any career’

It is a huge risk for many JEE Main and NEET aspirants but many of us will face problems regarding their careers but for now, life is more important than any career. I request the authorities to cancel the exam otherwise it will be like playing with fire. This year Indian Institute of Technology and National Institute of Technology should not promote their students to make a balanced system so that there is no need for JEE Main to fill the vacancy. If it is not possible then please postpone the exam. Approximately 25 lakh students will sit in these examinations. It is impossible to arrange tables two metres apart due to lack of space at many JEE Main exam centres as it is a computer-based test. - Anjani Sharma

‘Government has resumed even malls, cinemas and shops’

It's disappointing that few students and their parents are again demanding the cancellation or postponement of exams. Already exams have been cancelled twice. Cancellation of exams again will spoil the career of hard-working students. Whereas, the Government has opened malls, cinemas and all shops for the public with certain precautions. Same way exams should be taken with certain precautions. There is no fixed time when corona will go away. There is no answer to this question. Even China did not cancel their medical entrance exams. I ask the question to students and parents who are seeking cancellation of exams if they have locked themselves into their homes. If they are not moving out ever in fear of contracting corona. - Amardeep Singh Dhanjal

‘If someone wants to give the exam, let him give’

I am a NEET 2020 aspirant and I request you that don't postpone NEET. We students are very much depressed now by studying the same study material again and again. The Parents and students who are stressed and asking to postpone NEET 2020 because of COVID-19 should not allow their son/daughter to give the exam. If someone wants to give the exam, let him give. Please don't care about those 16 lakh students just care about your own son/daughter. Everyone knows that the coronavirus only highly attacks the person who has a weak immune system so if your son/daughter has a weak immune system, do not allow him/her to give the exam. -Tanuj Kumar

‘Why are aspirants whi have prepared for long being tortured this way?’

Please let the exams get conducted. Why are students who have prepared for a long time being tortured this way? Moreover, the rubbish idea of people on taking Class 12 marks into consideration should be rejected. These people who have suggested this idea don’t even know how different these entrance exams are from normal board exams. When all other work has resumed, I strongly urge the government to conduct the exam in a proper way by taking care of the existing problems. - Anjali Rai

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