Delhi govt releases over Rs 18 crore for salaries of employees of 12 DU colleges

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Delhi govt releases over Rs 18 crore for salaries of employees of 12 DU colleges

The Delhi government has released Rs 18.75 crore as grant-in-aid for payment of salaries to employees of 12 University of Delhi (DU) colleges funded by it, a press release said on Thursday.

The grant-in-aid was released on Wednesday and therefore the government said it had been just for payment of salaries.

The Delhi UniversityTeachers’ Association (DUTA) wrote a letter to Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia saying the grant released was “inadequate” and requested a meeting with him.

As per the order, with the discharge of this grant, the mentioned colleges should be ready to pay salaries of employees up to the month of May 2020.

“We find it extremely unfortunate that there has been repeated delay within the release of grants to those colleges and as a result, employees have remained without salaries and pension for months altogether,” the DUTA said. “We wish to draw your immediate attention to the very fact that the grants, sanctioned till date, are much but the cash required to cover salaries upto May,” it said.

The grants sanctioned on May 25, 2020 was only enough to cover salaries of January and February. Similarly, Grant-in-Aid released on May 7, 2020 couldn't cover salaries up to April. Most of the colleges have said they're in deficit of funds, the DUTA said.

“As per this feedback, most colleges might not be ready to pay salaries and pension upto May. Further, within the last several months, the universities haven't been ready to make payments towards reimbursements, pending vacation salaries of ad-hoc teachers and arrears thanks to employees on account of the seventh Pay Revision,” it said.

Colleges also don't have funds to pay electricity bills, land tax and general maintenance, the DUTA said.

The 12 colleges are in dire need of the extra funds necessary for development of infrastructure development for smooth academic and administrative functioning, it added.

DUTA requested for the “urgent release of adequate grants” to cover all pending dues, including salaries, reimbursements and arrears thanks to employees.

There has been a standoff between the Delhi government and therefore the DU administration over the difficulty of the formation of governing bodies in colleges partially or fully funded by the previous .