Delhi High Court Accused CBSE Board For Their “Anti-Student Attitude”; Read Full Story

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Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan while hearing the CBSE plea for challenging a single judge order passed on August 14, observed that the board is treating students as their enemies.

The Delhi High Court accused CBSE board for its "Anti-student Attitude" which compels the students to seek Supreme Court judgement for certain matters.

While hearing the plea made by the board for challenging a single judge's order in which the re-assessment scheme for students board exam was cancelled because of Covid-19, was also applied for the improvement candidates.

The bench further clarified that students are meant for studying and not visiting courts. These misdemeanors may lead to the imposition of cost from the government. The jury tried to explain the point of view of students stating if both the reassessment and improvement exams are conducted at same time, then there is no harm in it.

On August 14, the single Judge had approved the reassessment scheme by the supreme court for reviewing students' answers due to cancellation of the CBSE exams in light of Covid-19 situation.

 But if any student is applying for improvement then they are also to be considered as equal victims of pandemic.

The student Sanjay Gupta, who made the plea for improvement exam had scored 95.25 percent in the board's exam held in February 2019. He wanted to improve his scores in Accountancy, English core, Economics and Business studies this year.

As per the schedule Business studies exam got cancelled because it was slated for March 24 and imposed a national lockdown.

For this, Sanjay pleaded at court for releasing his improved scores and wants to appear for the improvement as per the reassessment scheme.On hearing the case, the high court directed the CBSE board to release the rectified marksheet of the student. After the release of the marksheet, the student had taken admission as well.

The jury commented that, if they had a problem with the judgement then, they should have intimated the same to the apex court for clarification instead of dragging students to the court.

On defence, the CBSE Counsel said that improvement candidates were getting more chances under the reassessment scheme as compared to regular students. Currently, the court has issued a notice for the student that he will be examined again for the sake of CBSE board and scheduled the next hearing session for February, 5, 2021.

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