Delhi University: Executive Council Demand ECA trials Adhering COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Aarushi Kalra Aarushi Kalra
Exams Prep Master

In an Emergency EC meeting held on September 21, the Executive Council members of Delhi University have demanded the conduction of trials for extra-curricular activities (ECA) following all the precautionary measures to minimize the COVID-19 effect.

Earlier, Delhi University had scrapped the ECA admissions except for NCC and NSS. The University also considered conducting spot admissions through government-approved certificates, but such certificates do not exist for ECA, hence university had to scrap it off. But later the varsity decided to conduct admission under 12 categories like music, dance, yoga, etc on the basis of certificates. Read More Here 

Delhi University Executive Council members said that they have received many letters from the experts, artists, and guru demanding the trials of ECA admission adhering to all the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the government.

Rajesh Jha, one of the Executive Council members agreed with the request made and said, "Merely dependence on the certificates cannot be a sound basis of objective evaluation of the performance-based artistic skills. Trials should take place for these disciplines."

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Violation of Fairness in DU's OBE

This year, in the DU's Open Book Examination the name of the students flashed on the examiner's portal, which is a serious compromise with confidentiality and is against the principles of fairness and justice.

Jha also raised the issue of OBE and said that it was being conducted by "bypassing the statutory bodies- Academic Council and Executive Council". He claimed that DU in the past had upheld the ethical aspect of protecting the identity of the student on the answer sheets.

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Despite this, the issue of assigning wrong answer scripts to the teachers has also come into consideration. The Executive Council members have also demanded DU to bring an ordinance to absorb temporary and ad hoc teachers.