Delhi University to Decide on Applications for Sports Category Admission 2020-21: HC

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Delhi High Court directed Delhi University to decide on Sports Category Admission 2021 applications within the next two weeks. 

Applicant Rajiv Agarwal had filed a petition to Delhi High Court in order to seek admission to Delhi University on the basis of sports category for the academic session 2020-21. 

As per the plea, he claims that Delhi University has "arbitrarily denied accepting the provisional Sports Certificate of the petitioner, failing to take into consideration that outbreak of Corona (Covid-19) pandemic and unprecedented lockdown, thereby depriving him of the opportunity to take admission in the Undergraduate Course under the Sports Category for the academic session 2020-2021".

The plea further added that the student has already submitted his respective provisional certificates for DU Admission 2020-21, which were not accepted by the admission authority. Failing to receive any acceptance of the documents resulted in declaring the applicant "not eligible". 

Due to coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions, printed copies of sports certification could not be procured by the Madhya Pradesh Government. Additionally, the government provided the same to all eligible candidates for further use. 

He added, "There was no negligence or procrastination on the part of the petitioner. The petitioner made all attempts to obtain the Sports Certificate but was prevented owing to the Covid-19 situation and lack of printing of Sports Certificates on the part of the Madhya Pradesh government. No-fault is attributable to the petitioner."

Petitioner further added that when he approached the Delhi University for future guidance on this matter, he did not receive any helpful response in return. 

"The petitioner herein is aggrieved by the lackadaisical and nonchalant approach on the part of the respondent. The arbitrary action on the part of the respondent has caused irreparable loss to the petitioner”, the petitioner says in a statement. 

Hearing the plea, Justice Prateek Jalan stated that Delhi University will provide the representation within two weeks in front of the court. Additionally, the applicant will have the liberty to approach the court if the university fails to provide him Undergraduate (UG) admission under Delhi University Sports Category Admission 2020-2021. 

Meanwhile on December 21, 2020, Delhi University released a notice to add extra 5 supernumerary UG admission seats in affiliated colleges (315 seats in 63 affiliated colleges) for applicants who could not get admission due to coronavirus pandemic and restrictions. 

Later, principals and members of the executive council stated that the admission process can’t continue for additional seats, as the last date of admission is December 31, 2020. As a result, the decision to add 5 extra seats in DU colleges was later dropped by the authority.

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