DU Cut Off 2020 Escalates as Number of Students Scoring More than 95% in CBSE Higher This Year

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Delhi University officials have stated that the cut-off for admissions to the 2020 academic year is likely to be higher than in the previous year, as a large number of students have scored more than 95% in CBSE Class 12 exams this year. 

The statement was given by the university officials after St. Stephens college releases its first cutoff list setting its highest cutoff at 99.25% for BA (Hons) Economics. According to reports DU received a total of 2,85,128 applications from CBSE board students. 

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DU Cutoffs 2020: St.Stephen’s Cutoffs Sets an Upward Trend 

With St Stephen's College setting up it’s highest cutoff at 99.25% for BA ( Hons) Economics, Delhi University officials said on Wednesday that cutoffs are going to be higher than last year. 

This rise in cutoffs is a result of a large number of students scoring more than 95% in CBSE Class 12 Board Exams this year.

Out of 5.63 lakhs total applications submitted to the university from all around India this year, 2,85,128 applications were received from CBSE Board students. 

The cut-offs for this year are higher than the last year. The cut-off for BA(Hons) English and BA (Hons) Economics was pegged at 98.75% for business students in 2019.

The cut-off for BA (Hons) Economics is 99.25% for business students, 98.75% for humanities and 98% for science students.

The cut-off for BA English (Hons) is 99% for commerce students and 98.75% for students in science and humanities.

For commerce and science students, the cut-off for the course this year is 0.25 per cent higher.

The experts have said that St Stephen's College's high cut-offs set a precedent for other colleges, indicating that the cut-offs will be on the higher side. Shobha Bagai, Dean (Admissions), DU, said, "The cut-offs are likely to be announced after October 12. We've sent the schedule to the administration, waiting for the UGC calendar, and hopefully, we should announce this week's cut-off schedule."

When asked about the likelihood of cut-offs being on the higher side, Ms Bagai said it was not that the cut-offs would be arbitrarily increased by the university.

The official said the cut-offs are determined by the number of applicants that fall within a certain bracket.

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Cutoffs Likely to Soar for Other Colleges

Anju Srivastava, the head of Hindu College, said, "St Stephen's has a lot of riders and restrictions in his hand but other colleges don't. If St Stephen's has kept the cut-offs high, which is also an interview component in admissions, I don't see why we're not going to do anything similar."

Explaining the procedure, Ms. Srivastava said “St Stephen's cut-offs give an indication for other colleges, and the cut-offs are unlikely to be lower. We can't have riders like St Stephen's. The university wants to keep it simple. The number of high scorers is high and we need to keep the cut-offs high to limit admissions, "added Ms Srivastava.

Sharing similar sentiments, Manoj Khanna, Principal of Ramjas College, said, "We're going to have to go by approximation. The cutoffs will be higher in the first and second lists than last year. There's a lot of unpredictability, too. We can't have more admissions given that we also have to keep social distances. Where are we going to make students sit when there are extra admissions?

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