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    How did you Strategize your GMAT Prep Plan?

    My plan during college days was to take the GRE exam which I did take and ended with a 1520 score out of 1600 back in 2010. I took the CAT exam after that and scored a 99.34 and followed it up with admission to MDI Gurgaon. With the passing of a few years working in the corporate, the idea to pursue a double MBA popped in my head and I decided to take the GMAT exam. I very well knew that taking the GMAT exam would be the pathway to numerous renowned business schools worldwide.

    During the first attempt of my GMAT exam, I was nothing but nervous and that resulted in a relatively low score which made me decide to retake the GMAT exam. In fact, most of my selected business schools advised me to retake the exam for a better result and I obliged that. The main reason behind the failure of the first attempt was my inability to control stress as I was too preoccupied with the preparation, essays, and interviews.

    This is why, with the completion of the first exam, I took a short break for three weeks from my work and worked on understanding the GMAT ESR Report. There, it was stated that I clearly need to work on the GMAT Sentence Correction and GMAT Geometry. That boosted me to work hard on my weak points.

    What were the main GMAT study materials you used?

    GMAT Verbal: Sentence Correction

    I studied from:

    1. Kaplan Verbal Workbook
    2. Powerscore and Veritas for a more in-depth coverage

    GMAT Verbal: Critical Reasoning

    I studied from:

    1. Powerscore for understanding
    2. MGMAT CR and Veritas Prep CR

    GMAT Verbal: Reading Comprehension

    I studied from:

    1. Manhattan GMAT RC and Veritas Prep RC

    For GMAT Quant

    I studied from:

    1. GMAT Official Guide 2018
    2. Manhattan Challenge Problem
    3. Manhattan Question Bank
    4. Preparation strategy

    How was the score on your GMAT?

    • First attempt: November’18: 680 GMAT Score
    • Second attempt: December’18: 730 GMAT Score

    What were strengths and weaknesses and how did you overcome them?

    According to the GMAT ESR I received, my weak areas were sentence correction and geometry but I focused on all the other topics equally.

    GMAT SC, I mostly focused on rules and assumptions and picking the right answer - there is no subjective decision involved here. For non-native English speakers like us, knowing the fundamentals of English grammar is needed.

    For GMAT Critical Reasoning, I followed the trick of reading the questions before the passage and finding the ‘clue words’ and notice the question type too. I kept a check on my approach towards answering the questions and extreme answers are a big NO.

    I stressed more on the first and last sentences as it contains vital information like the main idea and purpose. Also studied from the author’s perspective. Looked for trigger words like “however, nevertheless, but, still....”

    I studied the main concepts of quant along with the fundamentals - geometry, algebra, and arithmetic are basic concepts that are tested on GMAT. I took numerous practice tests to not only practice my weak part geometry but also the other two

    How did you manage your preparation with work-life?

    I was on the lookout for study materials that provided precise, authentic, and actionable content along with techniques and tips to ace the exam.

    The first thing I ensured was finding a suitable time for studying for me. I generally studied during the morning as a fresh mind always enables you to intake more information. If you have to travel to the office by metro/bus/car, spend time going through flashcards, notes review or read and I did the same.

    I spent my lunchtime going through problems and working on the incorrect ones I practiced during the morning.

    After reaching home, I used to freshen up and spend an hour or two more studying. Try to save your leaves and avail them during the nearing of the exam.

    How is GMAT difficult than the related exams?

    CAT exam is more difficult than GMAT as the latter is more of a logical and systematic exam. The LRDI part of CAT is quite tougher than GMAT’s IR. though the verbal section of GMAT is a bit on the difficult side for non-native English speakers, the quant section is easier.

    Any GMAT prep tips you’d want to share with the aspirants?

    • If you know your fundamentals, then 3-4 months of focused study is sufficient to get your desired score.
    • Studying and practicing one section at a time rather than trying to improve all the sections as one go
    • Time management is extremely important.
    • Take as many full-length GMAT Prep examinations as you can and try to simulate the actual test conditions



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