Classroom v/s Online GMAT Preparation: Which one is the best? 

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    In a year, there are different kinds of online exam that occurs to select the brightest minds who aspire to study management. GMAT is one such noticeable exam that has been accepted across the world to select an individual for taking admissions to the top business schools of the world. Due to technological advancement, GMAT coaching pattern has also changed drastically. With a little better internet connection, one can easily stream online videos or upload recorded videos for easy access to the test takers. 

    With the advancement of digital technology, one can easily access the GMAT lectures available online. It raises a question that will online lectures be used effectively for learning? Many test-takers will agree that with online available GMAT materials is the ultimate source of learning to avoid any kind of logistical barriers that occurs during classroom coaching. 

    The two most important elements for online GMAT coaching are the convenience of technological uses and easy accessibility. Test takers residing in rural areas can access these online GMAT materials with a little usage of technology. Keeping these two elements of online GMAT coaching, one needs to think about the quality of education acquired by the test takers along with the absorption of the teaching by those online users.

    GMAC, the conducting body of GMAT has made the exam computer adaptive. It is a kind where the difficulty level of the question is dependent on the given right or wrong answer choice. If a test taker answers the wrong choice, then the very next question will be comparatively easy. One must know the exam pattern of GMAT before start preparing. It is an exam that tests analytical and quantitative aptitude of the test takers on various levels. 

    Now coming to the classroom coaching, with which the test takers are well aware since childhood. In real GMAT classroom coaching, one has to ask a question in person. As an educator, one always wants to impart the utmost knowledge to the students. It is the responsibility of the test takers to be well aware of the teachings imparted in the classroom. Classroom GMAT coaching is a take-home experience. Apart from its conventional education structure, one can feel uncomfortable as well in asking the right question to the teacher for the sake of being ashamed. 

    Few Differences on Online v/s Classroom GMAT Coaching 

    ParametersOnline GMAT CoachingClassroom GMAT Coaching
    TimingIn the case of Online GMAT sessions, one can avail course materials any flexible time as per convenience.In the case of classroom GMAT coaching, one has to be regular in class to know each subject properly in person. With a single missing out in classroom, one will be lagging behind any important topic
    Educational ApproachIn online GMAT coaching, one can customize any particular subject where one seems to be weak. Suppose a test taker is good at GMAT Quant but quite bad in GMAT Verbal. The test taker can only take verbal classes for knowing better approachFor a conventional classroom structure, one has to learn each subject as mentioned in the course work. As the tuition fee has been taken earlier considering all the subjects, it will be a loss from the end of the test taker.
    HierarchyIn an online GMAT coaching, one will never understand how many test-takers are taking the course at the same time. Therefore every user is a ghost for the others.Whereas in classroom teaching of GMAT, the test taker will know everything about fellow classmates. This, in turn, can be a competitive parameter for an individual.
    Easy Approach to the EducatorIn online GMAT sessions, a student can easily ask questions where one finds doubt. Those online classes can be an interactive one.In the case of classroom teaching, many students are ashamed of asking any particular questions to clear doubts. Therefore, the students remain doubtful at the end of the day.

    How can Self Study be effective for GMAT Takers? 

    Many test-takers consider self-study as one of the most convenient methods to practice GMAT materials. Due to its computer-adaptive nature, many test-takers become well adapted to technological usage. For those test-takers, online GMAT customized courses seem to be more convenient rather than those hour-long classroom teachings. Cost-effectiveness in self-study is also another reason why test takers prefer online GMAT sessions with respect to classroom sessions. 

    Suppose a test taker aims to score 700 in GMAT, therefore one needs to put around 1year of hard work and practice can only land one person to such a good score. It is not easy to grasp those GMAT skills to score well along with rigorous practice. Proper guidance is also required for a better score in GMAT. Those personal instructors can only help a test taker with a proper strategy to score well. Online GMAT sessions can efficiently guide the test taker which approach will be better for easy practice. Other than these online sources, the test takers can also use other online platforms to find out the easy solution of a single question with different approaches. 

    Few Online GMAT Classroom Sessions

    GMAC is the official website that shares all necessary notices around GMAT. Other than the official website, one can find out other apps that share online GMAT course materials for easy access to the students. With those online apps, one can find out flexible times for watching an academic video. How to develop skills for an easy approach to different kinds of GMAT. This exam is all about how easily one can answer a question with a practical approach. Time management is another important object in this entire exam. Therefore, one also needs to manage within a fixed time how well one can attempt a question. 

    Apart from these online GMAT coaching, one also has to know the objective behind mock tests. Due to online exam pattern, test takers practice GMAT mock tests online. Therefore with this online approach of study, one can also manage his own time apart from having official work or personal work. GMAT is a serious exam that determines the future of the brightest minds who want to be in global business management. Therefore one has to be serious enough to take either online GMAT coaching or classroom practices for better performances in the exam. In any way, the approach should optimize the result at its peak. 



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