Complete Guide on Interim GMAT Online Conducted by GMAC

    This year, amidst the outbreak of Covid-19, GMAC has announced that the candidates are not required to reach the test center. They can take GMAT from their home. GMAT online as decided by GMAC is definitely a great step in connection to the security protocols of the national authorities, but this appears a bit confusing for the test-takers. 

    This is something new and the candidates are basically confused about the procedures of their exam day. That’s why we are here! Read this article to know the procedures of at-home GMAT and obtain a sufficient score to secure your position in the B-schools. 

    How will the Exam be Taken?

    As the test-centers are closed now, GMAC has organized a proctored exam as an alternative to GMAT at test centers. GMAT exam patterns and syllabus, duration, questions, GMAT score, and everything else will be the same in interim GMAT online or at-home. 

    At-home GMAT structure

    There will not be the GMAT AWA section. The remaining sections comprise in GMAT online: 

    GMAT sectionNumber of QuestionsDuration
    GMAT Quantitative Reasoning31 questions62 minutes
    GMAT Verbal Reasoning36 questions65 minutes
    GMAT Integrated Reasoning12 questions30 minutes

    The sections will be conducted according to the order they are tabulated and there will be an optional break of 5 minutes after the verbal section. 

    System requirements for GMAT Online

    Check the following sections to understand the specific system requirements: 

    Operating system

    Followings are the OS requirements

    • The accepted Windows versions include Windows 10, 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Old versions of windows like 8, 7, Vista or XP are prohibited
    • Linux and UNIX systems too cannot be used
    • Mac OS 10.13 and above will also work but beta versions are not accepted. 
    • Use of phone OR iPad are restricted 

    A computer (desktop or laptop) with windows needs an authorized windows version to take the test. Along with this, keep a steady source of power for the computer. 

    Internet Connection

    A smooth, consistent, and fast internet connection will also be required for the at-home GMAT. Any use of a VPN is restricted for at-home GMAT. Beware of using a mobile hotspot. 1 Mbps down/up speed happens to be excellent for this test. 


    Preferably Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari can be used for at-home GMAT. Alternatively, Internet Explorer 11 can also be used. The candidates are advised to disable pop-up blocking in their browser. 


    The minimum display resolution is 1024 x 768 in 16-bit color. 

    Camera settings

    The camera must be able to give a 360-degree view of the room including the table surface of the test-taker. The minimum resolution should be 640×480 @ 10 fps. 


    The use of earphones or wireless headphones is restricted.

    For the system check, click here

    What Are Not Allowed With The Test-taker During The Exam?

    During the exam, the candidates must not have any

    • Pen/Pencil 
    • Paper (Tissue, Napkin, And Paper Towels)
    • Permanent Marker
    • Any Boards Other Than Whiteboard

    To know the details of the whiteboard, check the next paragraph. 

    About Whiteboard

    The candidates of GMAT are permitted to use the online whiteboard but as this year it will be interim GMAT online exam, the candidates are permitted the use of the physical whiteboard. Requirements for the whiteboard are as follow:

    • Measurements: 12 inches by 20 inches
    • 1 dry erase marker
    • 1 dry marker eraser

    Start Date of GMAT Online

    April 20 to August 14 At home GMAT will be conducted. This exam will be taken 24x7 and the test-takers can book their slots 24 hours before their preferred time. 

    Eligible Candidates for Interim GMAT Online

    Except for the candidates from Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Slovenia, everyone can take the at-home GMAT. 

    GMAT Online Fee

    To register for the exam click here. The fee for GMAT online is $50 less than the regular test which means the candidates need to pay $200 for this exam. The rescheduling charges for this exam are nil. Minimum duration to reschedule or cancel; the exam is 24 hours before the exam. 

    GMAT cancellation charges, at least before 24 hours before the exam is also waived. 

    Interim GMAT Online Exam Retake

    Yes, it can be retaken in case you are not satisfied with the score obtained. From June 11, 2020 – July 17, 2020, the test-takers can retake the exam and $200 will be charged for the retakes. Just like the regular format of GMAT, the highest score will be considered as the GMAT score for admission purposes. 

    Score of GMAT Online 

    After 7 business days, the candidates can get their score in and this score is valid for 5 years. Here the test-takers will not get the unofficial scores on the day of the test. 

    Monitoring system for GMAT Online

    The monitoring process for GMAT Online is a major concern of the candidates. GMAC used onVUE online proctoring mode. The computer will also be tested before the test and the candidates will not be able to open any other page during the exam. This is to ensure that the candidates are not cheating in any way. The eye movements of the candidates will also be tracked during the test. Seeing any suspicious activity, the candidates can be asked to show their entire room to the examiner. 

    Yes, the exam will take place in the comfort zone of the candidates but the way the proctor will monitor the candidate makes the candidates a bit uneasy.

    GMAT Online Preparation

    The test-takers can practice with the GMAT practice papers available online. The preparation tips for GMAT online and regular GMAT will be the same and the candidates can get the tuitions from the renowned centers as well. 

    The score of at-home GMAT will be accepted in over 7000 B-schools of the world. Now the decision of taking GMAT online at home is up to you. In case you are fully prepared for GMAT and the B-schools application dates are near, take the exam, if not, or if you cannot meet the system requirements, wait for the in-person GMAT. Remember, at-home GMAT is temporary and once the exam centers are open, the candidates can take the test there. 



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